I just had a thought which made me sad.

Hayward only got away with what he said/did with Vision because Tony is dead.

Hayward told Wanda “I can’t let you have 3 billion dollars of vibranium to put in a hole in the ground” but Tony would have let her. Tony would have seen Vision as a person first.

Now obviously Tony wasn’t snapped and Vision was removed from the Wakandan battlefield somehow and got to Sword pre-Endgame. When Wanda came back from being dusted, he wasn’t there.

BUT Tony was in space when the Wakanda battle went down. He didn’t get back until some time later and he was in bad shape for a bit. I’m guessing perhaps Cap and the remaining Avengers brought Vision’s body back to the tower and Sword took it from them. Tony walked away from the Avengers, and by Morgan’s age Pepper was pregnant pretty quickly. I don’t think Tony would have let Sword take Vision if he knew about it, but I’m guessing he didn’t.

Tony was busy grieving for Peter, and trying to put some kind of life back together with Pepper. Also knowing Tony he was probably trying to fix the world, to deal with the logistics of half the population randomly vanishing and all that meant. I mean it was random who got dusted and that would have meant chaos. Experts, leaders, entire teams who take care of important stuff like power stations – big holes in infrastructure. He had a lot on his plate.

If Tony had lived then when Wanda immediately went looking for Vision to mourn him post-Endgame, he would have helped her. He would have found Vision at Sword and he would have moved heaven and earth to give Vision his dignity as a person – not just as a machine.

Hayward dismissed Wanda basically as “upset family member” who didn’t have the clout to argue. She wasn’t a citizen in Civil War (I remember Tony saying something about how they don’t give green cards to weapons, which suggests that he fought hard for Wanda’s legal rights and had trouble). She has that history as a fugitive post-Civil War (though that was presumably rescinded post-snap because Cap can move about freely). Whereas Tony is Tony Stark, head of Stark Industries, with more money than Midas and Pepper’s rolodex of important people to call.

I miss Tony 🙁


Thought of the day.

Last night I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron and the line “how quickly can we buy this building?” stood out.

Then I just added an Iron Man 3 gifset to my queue about the watch Tony borrowed and was shown to have replaced at the end of the movie.

Tony doesn’t forget. If he borrows something, or destroys something, then he makes it right. He pays his debts and fixes what he breaks even when it was an accident. Like he does everything he can for Rhodey when he’s hurt in Civil War. Tony might not be able to fix everything that’s wrong with the world but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to try.

He deals with the consequences.

I don’t know that just seemed important to me this morning. That Tony is one of the most (if not THE most) responsible Avenger.

I saw a Captain America: Civil War gifset the other day and this fact suddenly struck me – Tony got shot in the head. Bucky shot him, that is how he got his black eye. He survived because of the glasses, but what if that shot had been an inch higher or lower?

Tony has said himself he is “just a guy in a can.” He doesn’t have any superpowers, and he threw himself into the fight with nothing more than a set of glasses, and a wrist/hand pulse thing. He got shot in the head and went straight from that, to being yelled at for not stopping Barnes. He had to beg to get the two days to bring them in – “next time I won’t be wearing loafers and a silk shirt.” meaning next time ‘I won’t be so vulnerable.’

I searched tumblr and google for ages to see if anyone else had picked up on this moment. I didn’t find anything which is making me paranoid that I misinterpreted it. However, this is my thought of the day about how strong Tony actually is. Just like Natasha and Barton in a way, he’s a regular guy when he’s not got his suit.

“Take that away and what are you?” – he’s a hero, an avenger, he is more than the suit.