In all the Sanctuary fanfic I’ve written (or plan to write) it’s all within the shows mythology. It might be a bit AU but mostly it’s canon-divergent, it’s not completely AU.

But I was thinking about The Mummy (and what a damn good movie that is) and I couldn’t help but think that as far as movie AU’s go, The Mummy could work quite well.

  • Helen and Evie are totally cut from the same cloth. They are both fascinated by mysteries, both a little reckless, both brave and brilliant.
  • Nikola would take Jonathan’s role easily as the sassy, alcoholic best friend, who claims to be only in it for himself but is secretly loyal as hell, whose entire persona is that they don’t care to cover for the fact that they care too much.

The problem is Rick because his personality isn’t that great a match for either John or James. Both John and James are a bit too reserved, too taciturn and less “scream at the Mummy and yeet the gun as out of bullets”.

The “are all librarians this much trouble” and kissing though is totally in character I reckon. I mean James and John follow Helen anywhere but I did love in Revelations how James was all “same old Helen, I’ll just jump off this cliff without a parachute”. It’s like that OT3 roles, Helen is definitely the one getting into all the scrapes and dragging everyone with her, as she just has to dive in with both feet to solve life’s mysteries.

Yeah I don’t know what I’m saying here, beyond making myself want to watch The Mummy again that is.

If it wasn’t for tumblr I’d never have dared watch the Mummy as I’m a wimpy wuss. I don’t do horror films and all the marketing I had seen suggested ahhhh scary.

Anyway it isn’t terrifying, certainly no worse than Pirates of the Caribbean and I watched that. I tend to look away during any really gross bits BUT my point is if I hadn’t watched it then I would never have seen the truth that tumblr used to sell me on the movie.

Evie and Rick are goals

Watching the Mummy Returns and Evie grabbing that sword and kicking butt, and then in the museum, when they shot their way out together.

This is what I said yesterday, established couple solving their problems together. Alternately the tumblr gif quote of “the couple that slays together stays together” 🙂

And I still have the rest of the movie to watch!