The Last Enemy (Review)


(This review contains spoilers)

Ok I know I’ve made a couple of posts about this already while I was watching it. This wasn’t a movie, this was a mini-series, so it was over five hours long. You know how I said yesterday I was going to have a battle between reason (aka going to bed at a decent hour) and self-control? Well my lack of self-control won out and I watched the remaining two episodes last night.

Under the cut for the length because I really liked it, and the more I like something, the more I have tendency to go on about it.

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I watched To End All Wars earlier. I’m not really sure what to say about it, except unless biopics are a genre you like, then I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Anyway, to cheer myself up I watched another two episodes of The Last Enemy. I’m debating whether to watch another before bed, but then I would only have one episode left, so really I need to watch both but that would make it close to midnight. The battle is on – reason vs self-control.

Honestly 10/10 would recommend this. I think this is probably my third favorite Robert Carlyle project that I’ve seen so far. Stargate Universe is #1 and Once Upon a Time is obviously #2. I love Lachlan a lot, but California Solo was a slice of life film. It was one of the better ones I’ve seen but it’s really not my thing. The Last Enemy is very much my genre, and I’m really liking it. I have two episodes left so if the conclusion sucks, then I might change my mind but so far so good.

I would prepare yourselves though, because I’m fairly certain the second I get time (haha, excuse me while I laugh at myself) I’m going to wind up writing some anyelle for this. David Russell, thus far at least, is my kind of character. He is a super spy – intelligent, dangerous, he has people everywhere. I’m fairly certain he’s lying about his motives (I love it when he’s cryptic and sneaky). There’s also his whole aesthetic, very inspiring.


Oh and in case anyone was worried. Yeah he does get lines in episode two 🙂




Update – just because I find this utterly hilarious.

You know how I was laughing earlier because Robert Carlyle had been on screen 3x and not said a word? Well I’ve watched the whole extended first episode of The Last Enemy now. He was on screen 9-10x and did not have a single line.

I mean mastery of acting doing silent scenes, and this is a good look for him, but seriously what a waste of his accent. I hope he has lines in episode two! Plus watching him skulk around is fun, but I want to know more about his character and have be involved in the plot. A couple of other characters talked about him, so we got his name and a tiny bit of info but it sounded so interesting, I want more.

Damn you Robert Carlyle. *goes to find out what the heck this is so I can watch too*

There’s an extended version?!?!?! AHHH MUST FIND!

Well on the DVD episode one was listed as ‘extended’ at 85 minutes. All the other episodes are 60 minutes. I’ve never seen it anywhere but the DVD so I have no idea if it’s always that length or not.

I hate watching thrillers. I had this urge to stay up all night binge watching the whole thing just to find out how it ended. I restrained myself but I put this on to watch first because there was more of it so I’m supposed to space it out. Yeah I don’t think that’s going to happen. Although I really don’t like the main character which might help with my patience. On the other hand I made it through 5 seasons of Alias with a loathing of Sydney and Vaughn so perhaps not.

I don’t quite believe this. He was on screen again and didn’t say a word! That’s just funny the second time. Edit: and a third time! So funny.

Though to be honest I’m far more horrified about the – presumably main character – making out (with the implication of more) with his brothers widow. That is wrong, oh so very wrong. It’s the day of the funeral for crying out loud and they’ve never met before. I mean I get grief affects people in different ways and generally I try not to judge, but it just came across so wrong.

Anyway I’m not planning on live blogging this. I just had to get that out. Sorry.