Just wanted you to know I read your tags and I completely agree on the black fairy! Would rather have her defeated in a redemption-esque way than just straight up killed off. I share this minority opinion with you :) I am loving her and I am pretty sure there was some tragic reason for her giving Rumple up. I do hope she is a “regina type evil” like you said :)

Oh cool! I’m loving her as well 🙂


We’ll find out next episode I think as that’s when they are showing the Black Fairy backstory. I suspect the Blue Fairy has a lot to answer for, though quite why Blue has tried so hard to ruin Rumple’s life is a bit of a mystery.

The problem is though what the Black Fairy has done to Gideon is way past what is acceptable. She’s a lot worse than Regina. If Gideon forgives her one day then that’s about what is right for him, letting go of the past and moving on, but what she has done to him is unforgivable. I can see shades of Regina in the Black Fairy in terms of how much she is desperate for Gideon to consider her his mother, and desperate for Gideon’s love but she’s gone too far with it, which complicates her redemption because they are never going to be family.

I still think the Black Fairy could walk the hard road back but it would be a hard road. It would mean finally accepting what she has lost (her family), walking away and starting a new life while always trying to make the right choices. To be honest I don’t know if she could do it because there would be nothing to stop her from backsliding. What would be her motivation considering that she doesn’t deserve Rumple or Gideon looking twice at her?

She doesn’t have anyone else. Now people should try and be better for themselves and not for others, but if nobody cares about her then in her mind why should she bother? Everybody hates her whether she’s good or bad, so she might as well take what she wants. Then of course there’s the question of justice. All the lives she’s ruined over the centuries, should she be imprisoned forever to pay for that?

No matter what turned her evil, she still did bad things, it’s like ‘cool motive but still murder’. Why should she get a second chance when the people she hurt didn’t? I mean truthfully the same could be said for any redeemed villain. I suppose the argument is that nothing will change their crimes, and if they are being helpful now, then it’s like community service. Nothing will ever make up for what they did, so rather than rot away in a hole and not be of any use to anyone, the least they can do is try and save others.

I reckon once we see her backstory episode we’ll have a better idea of who the Black Fairy is and what motivates her. Maybe then I’ll be able to puzzle out a way she could redeem herself. Perhaps her fellow fairies hold the answer. Maybe if Blue is deposed as the leader, and someone less hypocritical is in charge, then the fairies would take care of their own. Who knows heh 🙂