February 21st!!!!

A full MONTH and THREE DAYS before Disney+ opens in the UK *sobs*



So much Ahsoka and I love Ahsoka and it’s Mandalore and the only thing that could have made this better is if Satine had lived and there could have been more sass with Obi-Wan.

#I am not ready and yet I want it right this second

Just watched Ahsoka refuse to return to the Jedi which explains why she wasn’t in Revenge of the Sith but now I’m sad 🙁

Not because I disagree because Ahsoka is right. The council’s hand was forced, it was politics, but the problem is in one breath the order is family, and in the next it is expediency. She had a right to expect her family to show a little faith, even if politically they couldn’t.

It’s just I like Ahsoka and so I’m sad that it happened to her and I’m also sad because Anakin came within a hair of confessing about Padme and Ahsoka’s “I know” seemed to suggest she knew. It makes me wonder what would have happened if Anakin has had someone to confide in during Revenge of the Sith. I have read lots of “what if he had told Obi-Wan and then Obi-Wan could have given him perspective” (because Anakin getting caught in his own head and only seeing one path was a big part of the problem).

Still what if it had been Ahsoka? Especially as she had gone through this when Anakin was mistrusting the council she would have understood and he would have known that and therefore maybe trusted her opinion on the matter more. Also given Anakin’s unattractive possessiveness, Ahsoka not being Obi-Wan means no rivalry clouding things.

I reckon master or not she would have sat on him until he listened. Which makes me think that if Bariss hadn’t acted on her own, then Palpatine would have taken Ahsoka out of the picture himself eventually. Isolating Anakin and driving a wedge between him and anyone who would support him was essential for the manipulation. So I guess in that light Ahsoka’s decision probably saved her life.

“There are going to be Jedi who disappoint us Ahsoka but so long as we know there are Jedi who fight for what’s right, it makes it all worthwhile.”
— Anakin Skywalker (The Clone Wars)

Excuse me here one minute because the irony of this quote is practically painful. I wonder if Ahsoka remembered it when she learned of Anakin’s fall?

Watching The Clone Wars and Satine was just executed and the

“I love you always”

With the hand cupping the cheek just about killed me because it’s tragic. They obviously loved one another deeply. Obi-Wan came to rescue her on his own, probably against orders, in a borrowed ship and bounty hunter armor because permission or not he was going to save her. And then she died and it was because of Maul’s hatred of him.

A couple of seasons back when their relationship was introduced I figured it was a contrast against Padme and Anakin who had given into their feelings. But now I feel like it’s a disservice as while there are similarities as Satine is a politician and campaigns for peace they are different people and it’s their own tragedy, not some knock-off.

I just have feelings ok? I hate unhappy endings 🙁

It gives new meaning to the line “a commitment not easily broken” re: the Jedi order which Obi-Wan says to Anakin. He had his own decision to make and while Obi-Wan would bend the rules, he wouldn’t break them so he couldn’t be with Satine without leaving but the Jedi Order was his family, his belief system and his calling.

If he had left back when they first met and he was a padawan on protection detail I can just imagine how guilty he would have felt when The Clone Wars broke out because the Jedi were the generals, his family in the thick of battle, and he couldn’t help them especially given Mandalore’s neutrality and Satine’s principles. He would have been trapped and Obi-Wan doesn’t strike me as someone willing to do nothing. Still in that AU with Maul not seeking revenge Mandalore and Satine might have survived, at least until the Emperor got greedy.

Have I said this before? I forget. Sometimes I plan to say things and then I don’t know if I have or not.

Anyway I’ve been watching The Clone Wars. It’s animated which isn’t usually my thing but it’s really really good. The characterisation is spot-on, the voice acting is amazing – I had to look it up to see whether the movie actors had reprised their roles as it sounded so good. Would thoroughly recommend.

BUT it humanises the clone troopers. This I think is wonderful as surprisingly (especially because this was apparently made for kids) it adds a lot of nuance and shades of grey. However it does make me wonder why the clone troopers accepted Order 66. They are superior to droids because they have the capacity for independent thought – that is why in one episode a clone trooper had turned traitor and become a separatist spy! So why would they just turn on the Jedi like that? The Jedi who had led them through years of war? The Jedi who had stood between them and danger countless times?

Watching the show the Jedi don’t treat the clone troopers as expendable. They could use them as meat shields (they are clones, we are not, so we are more important and should be protected kind of mentality) but they don’t. They protect the troopers at great risk to themselves. I watched Mace Windu Force-push two clones to safety off a falling bridge before he saved himself and he nearly didn’t make it. The Jedi openly mourn the clone losses. In the very first episode of this show Yoda had them take off their helmets, one clone said “what’s the point we look the same?” And Yoda said in the force they looked different.

I know the clone troopers were trained to follow orders but I don’t know, I’m finding it hard to reconcile the loyalty and respect in the show, to just blindly following Order 66.

It’s about the only seeming ‘inconsistency’ in the show. Otherwise it’s incredible. They have the seeds of the empire with the Admiral and his uniform and the walkers – all recognisable stuff! And it makes so much sense that it began under the republic because the empire evolved from the republic and it took a long time. I think it was around the Death Star time that the last vestiges of illusions of democracy were eradicated. The immense machine of the empire didn’t just appear overnight.