Tumblr is not kind to Batel

Whaaat? Why is tumblr not nice?

I rarely see anything as if it’s not on my dash when I look then 🤷‍♂️ I sometimes dig in tags but it’s a once blue moon type thing.

I guess maybe she is mostly perhaps written in as the “love interest” (I think she is capable of so much more) but ok she is connected to Pike, and as he is the MC her fate will probably be based on what material the writers want to give Pike to work with. Is it more drama to have her die? Or more drama to have her live but want then to get married or something and Pike know he has a time limit? Everything is about Pike probably from the writers POV.

But from fandom POV? Let her be free. Let her be the badass captain in her own right. Isn’t that what fandom is for, to give under appreciated women the adventures that screen time doesn’t have the time to show?

Although I guess maybe fandom sees her as an obstacle to a Pike/Una ship? I have never understood that mentality myself. Ship and let ship. Something existing doesn’t invalidate the alternative. And just because something is canon or not really well in my mind doesn’t matter. Are there ships I wish had been explicitly canon? Do I want my ship to kiss? I am human so yeah. But if the dice doesn’t fall that way, it’s the showrunners call. And being mean to a character/being negative in pro tags (anti tags exist) is just bad fandom etiquette IMO

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Thoughts on 2.10 (SNW)

Actual live reaction.

Noooo!! NO! No no no no no! Oh Noooooo! No no

I cannot believe that cliffhanger!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
Like literally screaming, throwing hands in my living room.

We only get partial seasons and now they are pulling this shit? I have to wait until next year????

How dare!?! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Ok current status is screaming. Sorry sorry I will try and control myself but holy shit my heart is pounding like crazy.

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Thoughts on 2.09 (SNW)

Wow ok. I wasn’t really feeling the episode all that much until Uhura sang. I guess I wasn’t vibing with the songs. Plus the sound felt weird. I’m not sure if they recorded the songs in a sound studio and it was essentially dubbed, or if it just sounded a bit disconnected because of the dubbed in background music.

Anyway Uhura’s solo was wow. That hit. Could really feel the heart in it. Her smile is infectious I swear. The way she can light up the room.

I laughed so hard with the Klingons 🤣 I thought they were going to rap or something but then it was like hello Barbie. No wonder they felt so dishonoured. The high pitch alone. Considering that the music targets emotions not willingly expressed it actually makes more sense than some kind of war chant or something. The music pulls from them what they don’t want to share.

The way Uhura hummed at the end and freaked everyone out and they are looked at her, and she flashed that cute smile and said “earworm”. Although like the others weren’t into it a bit. I mean c’mon Pike it had exploded, it was all over, and he still did a little dance with Pelia – that was all him, not space anomaly induced 😁

Anyway I would deffo listen to Uhura’s solo over and over. Maybe La’an’s as well. Not so sure about the rest.

As ‘fun’ episodes go I still prefer The Elysian Kingdom (if we can call that fun given what happened with M’Benga’s daughter 😢) but this musical wasn’t bad.

Thoughts on 2.08 (SNW)


I am trying to bring order to my thoughts it’s hard. I keep rewriting and deleting. How can StarFleet claim to be so enlightened and evolved and yet be this bad with mental health?

It’s endemic because it’s not just this episode, it’s not SNW, it’s pretty much all Trek. I have no idea whether the writers are intending the really awful way that makes StarFleet look or if they are just that dense about it themselves. The hope and promise of Star Trek just does not apply when mental health is concerned.

Picard was fucking awful for this. I won’t go into that here and now but boy do I have a lot to say.

In terms of StarFleet playing out the issues of the day – yeah totally. It was politically convenient and it got them something they wanted to gloss over that dudes war crimes. I can also totally buy the directive of “play nice”. It’s politics and it’s not at all out of character for StarFleet but I hate it.

So I am coming at this from two angles really.

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Thoughts on 2.07 (SNW)

I tried Lower Decks and didn’t vibe with it so 95% of my knowledge of it comes via osmosis on tumblr.

I like that the voice actors were the actors for the live action. That’s really cool and they did a great job. I particularly liked Mariner. She had such a great vibe.

I found the episode quite weird. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it how I thought I might. I was genuinely touched for Una. After everything she’s been through that must have been incredible to hear.

Thoughts on 2.05 (SNW)

I’m not sure I can actually sit through this.

It started and immediately I went “oh no” as it was leaning on by far the weakest part of SNW. And also given Spock’s engagement I find the not quite platonic thing with Chapel uncomfortable. T’pring deserves more respect than that.

Got to the part where Spock said “what the fuck” and same dude same.

I’m now at the 16 minute mark so about 1/4 of the way through and just… I am uncomfortable, cringing, secondhand embarrassment and yet somehow still bored.

I mean I sat through far worse in Picard but I think it’s because I expect a lot more from SNW. It’s far more disappointing.


I took a little break and then did watch it.

Pike cooking for the engagement dinner was good. So in character. Such a dad.

I don’t recall what the issue is with Spock and his father. I have a vague memory it was mentioned on Discovery but it’s been a minute since I saw that.

Space Karen and her incredibly hen pecked husband was ehhhh ok. A bit odd really if it was the husband that was in favour of the match as he agreed with his wife about everything else, so why not agree with her about Spock?

If Spock is wrestling with his dual nature tying it into prejudice and his mothers experience was a good direction. Much better than the cringing comedy that was most of the episode.

Honestly almost all the characters felt off, like they were OOC. Pike was solid but that’s about it.

As for that end scene… I really can’t believe that we are what 20 years on? And we are doing the Friends “but we were on a break!” plot. I mean “taking time apart” doesn’t sound like “hook up with whomever you want” to me. It sounds like “I want to press pause on deepening commitment”. That isn’t a release to do whatever. In fact the opposite. I guess Spock doesn’t want to get married or he would want to do whatever he could to improve T’pring’s opinion of him.

I think this is the weakest episode from across both seasons. It’s not one I will rewatch. Very little in the positive column imo.

@Bird of Dawning

I loved Spock just appearing to tidy up after Sam.

I feel that impulse. I don’t like to touch stuff so idk if I would clean up his stuff but I would want to. So kinship with Spock there!

Thoughts on 2.04 (SNW)

OW!!! What the fuck was that? I am 13 minutes in and my ears are bleeding. Well alright not literally but OUCH!

Ugh! It’s a plot point and repeats 😭

Ooof ok the pain in my ears is an abiding memory for sure. The whole “doctors aren’t usually selected for their fighting skills” calls back to episode 1 and suggests yes that is a subplot this season, and 2 we better get some kind of answer as I really do have questions.

What was that finger under the eye gesture La’an and M’Benga did?

Ah Ortegas 😦 I love them, they are a favourite and most episodes I wish they had more to do. With this one? Yes they were on screen more, yes they kinda saved the day, but like you said it was just “I fly the ship” which is all we know. So frustrating! And unfair. I mean M’Benga seems to be getting this fighting subplot and he had his daughter subplot last season. La’an had the gorn last season and Khan this season. Uhura had “do I belong in starfleet?” last season and is a new ensign now. Why is Ortegas the only one who gets nothing?

I don’t know about Luq. I’m back and forth about it. I’m relieved they did treat him “for his own good” but Pike pointed out it was his choice to stay. He hadn’t been spared the pain as he felt it and the absence he just didn’t know why. Is waking up everyday with that itchy feeling of something being missing but not knowing worse than knowing? It’s too bad they didn’t condense things and then have a wrap-up with some people deciding they wanted to know, and others maybe after having remembered choosing not to. That should maybe have happened and them yanking the asteroid away to wake everyone up did take the choice away. After a thousand years it was a way of life for them – their culture, and yes it wouldn’t have been without the asteroid but humans wouldn’t exist if dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out be an asteroid so I don’t think we can really argue there.

I wonder if some of Pike and Batel is that he knows his fate and thinks that he doesn’t want to wreck her life for something that won’t last?

Also this show is very pretty. The snow and that purple orange sky with mountains was wow.

Thoughts on 2.03 (SNW)

Ok I wasn’t expecting anything that happened. This episode was a surprise a minute. I mean we had seen the trailer clips of Kirk in the past but I never would have thought this is how that happened.

It’s weird because last night I watched a different show that pulled just the main character out of their usual setting, paired them with a guest side character, and nobody else appeared. This episode had background with some of the crew but apart from Pelia they didn’t even really talk. Pike had one line and M’Benga had two, but like one scene only deals. Otherwise it was one regular on a two-hander with a guest side character.

Of all the characters to pull out from the ensemble and make carry the entire episode really, its interesting that it was La’an. I mean you could argue episode 1 was for Spock, but M’Benga and Chapel had their side story, there was banter with Uhura and La’an. Episode 2 was Una focused but Pike had a role, and so did La’an again, and Spock also testified etc. So even though they were focused, the rest of the crew didn’t entirely disappear. But yeah this was a two-hander really.

Interesting that if what happened, always happened, then Pelia saw La’an in the past. She said she was terrible with faces though so might not remember.

The end with La’an space skyping with Kirk was a bit odd. I mean I get her being impulsive given the emotional ride but Kirk just didn’t blink. Her lie wasn’t convincing so what was he thinking?

Interesting that the episode began with M’Benga saying La’an should talk, and now she isn’t allowed 🤔

I’m still a bit stuck on the genesis of dumping the ensemble for the La’an and Kirk hour. I guess they could shoot that second unit? And it wasn’t on the sets mostly either? So perhaps it was a production thing? Although all that location shooting (which they don’t usually do just have been expensive?) or perhaps the episode required less CGI and other sci-fi making things so was cheaper?

Although speaking of expensive. They sure did manage to buy a LOT of stuff from Kirk winning a few chess games. I mean that hotel suite? That was insane! That had like a lounge and two bedrooms.

I wonder why La’an’s hand opened the door? She said marker in her DNA but it wasn’t drawing blood and how could it know that fast? I mean it seemed like it wasn’t supposed to be very far into the future from now.

Anyway I liked it but stylistically it was so left field I am still processing.

Thoughts on 2.02 (SNW)

Pure Trek. Reminded me a little bit of that TNG episode where Data was in court and Picard defended him as an individual.

The speech Neera gave about how legal wasn’t always right gave me chills. What I liked the most though was for all it was calling the Federation out, saying that they had become what they wanted to destroy (kinda) in being the persecutors and making the prejudice law, it was also so hopeful.

It really was the essence of what makes Trek great. The institution is flawed but the people believe in the principle, and they try – oh how they try. They hope that the future will be better and are working to make it so.

I don’t disagree at all with how Picard pointed out the Federation/StarFleets failings and mistakes. Where I took particular issue (especially in season 3) was how the characters didn’t fight against that. Didn’t take up positions and debate amongst themselves. It was just A ok that the Federation had done wrong, because they are the Federation/the good guys and therefore everything is automatically right /sarcasm.

But this in SNW was just spot on. I suppose the only thing they could have done was give a little more emphasis to the prejudice. The Vulcan dude was mostly silent and Batel was obviously conflicted, and so was April. Although that was interesting in of itself with Batel “just following orders” and April “well I don’t like those augments but I like Una” which is a bit like knowing someone who is homophobic but because they like you decide to give you specifically a pass like that then makes it ok that they hate a part of you (it doesn’t, it still hurts).

I think this is one of the most classic Trek episodes in ages. SNW has done it again.


A bit sad that they opened up all these big questions about laws potentially being not ethical, and then didn’t take that anywhere – but then that might have been a bit much for 42 minutes

I don’t know it seemed quite on brand to want to treat it as a “special case” rather than acknowledge that it’s a systematic issue. Refusing to confront there’s a problem and pushing it on down the line is kinda how things work

Thoughts on 2.01 (SNW)

Ok I did a complete rewatch just last month and I don’t really recall much reference to Chapel and M’Benga’s war records? But clearly they did some major serving if they carry a Hulk serum with them everywhere. Like whoah!

Spock going rogue will never not be funny 😁 I bet Pike will be so proud. And I laughed myself sick over that trailer line of “I want the ship to go now” because still funny.

Really not liking the romance they are pushing between Spock and Chapel. Isn’t Spock still engaged? Not cool.

I didn’t really like how April didn’t acknowledge that if Spock hadn’t gone rogue they would have another war. He was just like “you went against orders and nearly started a war” when there definitely would have been one if they weren’t there. I suppose it was implied as he let him off, and also I guess the brass never like to admit they were wrong, but ugh I wish they would.

I think I always say Ortegas needs more screentime but they so do. I like that they seem to be making their operations partner a regular. I don’t think she has a name though?

Has Chief Jay replaced Chief Kyle? I hope not, I liked him. But I doubt we will have both.

New Chief Engineer Pelia is certainly… interesting. Being like “oh you are going rogue, sounds fun” is so Nikola Tesla school of immortality. Because why not? It’s interesting 🤣 I thought I had missed something as I didn’t recognise the species of “Lanthanite” but apparently it’s brand new.

The article I googled said it was “buck wild that apparently people discovered some point in the 2100’s that aliens had been living among them and have known all this time” (paraphrased) and I was a bit like dude, this is not new information. I watched Picard Season 2 and Guinan was running her bar in 2024. A Romulan watcher (Tallinn) was around. Probably lots of aliens. Would it have been a shock to learn? Ehh maybe. It’s pre-Federation/StarFleet probably and they didn’t develop the Prime Directive until after Archer’s time and them infiltrating less advanced worlds would have given them an understanding of the opposite POV. So I don’t know 🤷‍♂️

But yeah I’m not bothered by that revelation as like I said Guinan was on earth in 2024 so it’s not a big leap other aliens could have been too.

I’m still stuck on M’Benga and Chapel going all warrior hulk to be honest. That is my main ??? takeaway this week.