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Who was your NoTP on Enterprise? I watched it when it aired but haven’t re-watched since then, so I don’t remember the characters very well.

T’Pol and Trip are my NOtp. I really can’t stand the two of them together. Admittedly I did kinda ship Archer and T’Pol together but …

When I was writing up my ranting post yesterday. I went on about how the core of the show had been ruined, how the character destruction/propping was legendary etc. and then I laughed because yeah I was talking about Star Trek: Enterprise, but I could equally be talking about several other shows.

It’s not just that they made my NOtp canon. It’s what they did to the show (or what they did from my perspective at least) to make that happen. Obviously I am very biased, but well we all have something that draws us to a show – that hooks us and makes us care. Well, for me that was the friendship between Archer and T’Pol. I said I shipped them but it didn’t have to go romantic, it could have stayed platonic and I would have been more than happy.

In order to force the T’Pol/Trip pairing, they wrecked Archer and T’Pol’s characters and I still don’t think that pairing made sense. I’m sorry, like I said I’m probably biased, but I don’t think the “argue and insult one another until we makeout” trope is very romantic. I have never liked it. I much prefer mutual support, actual communication, them being friends/liking one another when they aren’t kissing.

Also, again hopelessly biased, but I believe that if a show has to put the characters in a lot of half-naked scenes, to convince us they are together, then they are doing it wrong. Having to continually force it down the viewers throats every few episodes lest we forget, and the amount of screen time it got, adds to my bitterness. It upset the balance of the show, plus it came out of nowhere in the third season to be front and center.

Sorry, I’m going on a bit. I know this show was cancelled over a decade ago but it’s new to me, and I did quite like it. Well I liked the first two seasons and then did they get new showrunners, or writers, or something? The change was sudden and huge and from my perspective completely unwelcome.


When your NOtp has scenes and suddenly it all makes a sick sense.

I’ve googled for Archer/T’Pol stuff and haven’t found much, but I have found T’Pol and Trip stuff. At the time I thought “why? why would anybody put those two together?” and now I know.

Season Three is getting off to a very bad start. The theme tune I ranted about earlier was bad enough but what is T’Pol wearing? What did she do to her hair? Then Phlox pushing Archer and Trip together – I don’t approve! Ugh not happy, not happy at all.

I mean seriously though, how could the show have all the incredible subtext of Archer and T’Pol for two seasons, and then just chuck it all out the window with nakedness for T’Pol and Trip? So unnecessary! It’s like the show is saying “ship them” and I won’t! No way, can’t make me! They can try and force it down my damn throat, but nope, not having it.

I’ll still watch the rest of the show anyway I’m sure, but unless it improves I’m not going to be happy about it and it’s too bad, I was liking the show before this “retooling” 🙁

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Just started watching episode one, season three of Star Trek: Enterprise and was forced to scream at the TV. My exact words – “What the hell! Get off my theme tune!”

Seriously? What the hell did they do to it? Why? Just why? I’m so annoyed. I loved that theme tune and adding the ‘backing beat’ to ‘jazz it up’ is just irritating and unnecessary. I know this has been cancelled for years and I don’t care, I’m cross. This is why I have paused it and come on tumblr to rant. Actually, with that in mind it’s a really good job I didn’t have tumblr when I discovered they’d recast Elizabeth Weir … stupid TV people!

I just watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. I’m coming towards the end of the second season now so no spoilers, as I have no clue what the next two seasons hold. Man I am shipping Archer and T’Pol so hard. Honestly, the mutual respect, support and deep friendship they have just jumps off the screen.

I could list several encounters that screamed UST. Then there was the episode where Archer admitted point black he liked T’Pol. I googled for gifs again and the amount of T’Pol/Trip stuff is just yuck. Trip is occasionally a half decent person, and a reasonable friend, but he is forever insulting T’Pol and I rarely see him support her. That is no basis for a relationship.

I wish I knew how to make gifs. I can easily think of several sets I would make. I know the show was cancelled ages ago but I really don’t care. I didn’t discover Stargate until a couple of years ago, I’m forever late to all the parties. Plus just like with Stargate I’m completely unspoiled about what is coming up in Star Trek: Enterprise. It’s so funny, I yelled at the screen so many times watching Stargate, even when the episode was a decade old. Heh, stuff is always new to somebody.

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Whoop! Someone else that sees it. That’s about the only problem I have with Star Trek: Enterprise. I can’t find the fandom and so I’m watching and it seems so obvious to me, but I google and find nothing. Clearly my google skills suck. Anyway, it’s nice to have confirmation that it’s not just me. I’m not someone that has a ship on every show, I only ship when it jumps out at me and makes me ship it.

The last episode I watched, literally just had Archer and T’Pol in the shuttle talking the entire time. There were flashbacks for the story Archer was telling but seriously I am so there for that. The friendship and the support and everything, the nuances in their performance. I would literally just watch those two talk for 40 minutes.

Star Trek: Enterprise is giving me major Archer/T’Pol feels. Their relationship is totally canon! I swear every single episode lately has been about it. This last one was all about trust. T’Pol went to Archer and said “I need your help because I need someone I can trust” and for a Vulcan – I mean come on!

I’m only about 1/3rd of the way into season 2, so I still have over half the show to watch and it’s all new and I’m totally unspoiled. I love shows that I love (like Stargate or Once Upon a Time or a ton of others) but there is something sweet about watching something completely new. Everything is well – new, and surprising and I get to react to things a decade late because this show is not new anymore, it’s just new to me.

The first time I watched Stargate: Atlantis I went on a huge rant about the recasting of Elizabeth Weir. The show had been cancelled for longer than it had aired by that point, which made my ranting the most pointless exercise ever and kinda amusing in retrospect. I wonder if I will do the same about anything on Star Trek: Enterprise …

Finding and binge watching new (or new old) shows is really cool! 🙂


(this was the only Archer and T’Pol gif I could find)

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