so, Detmer and Owosekun are in love and girlfriends, right? when do they get to kiss? 

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#bold of you to assume they haven’t and don’t frequently#I mean the camera on Discovery can’t capture everything#perhaps they just aren’t into PDA?#I jest I jest I knew what you meant and big mood :(#they are so obviously canon I struggled to believe they weren’t when someone corrected me#honestly them being girlfriends is a hill I will willingly die on as it is so obvious#so c’mon Discovery show us a little kiss as a treat

You know what not done with unpopular Trek opinions today. Just saw another post comparing Jack Crusher with Michael Burnham. It was saying they both made choices which killed hundreds of people, but Michael had to spend three seasons working redemption back to the bridge, whereas Jack Crusher is handed the position 10 mins later.

But, but.

Episode 10 of Strange New Worlds showed an alternate timeline in which Pike remained Captain of the Enterprise during the Romulan incursion. In that storyline Pike tried negotiation – tried peace ala what Captain Georgiou was going for – and it ultimately led to a Romulan war. In the real TOS episode Kirk blew up the ship. He showed strength against the Romulans. They knew StarFleet wasn’t weak and there was no war.

Unpopular opinion but erm isn’t that the argument Michael was making?

Really unpopular opinion. The only reason there was a Klingon war is because they stopped Michael before she could finish. If she had actually done what she said needed to be done, then it might have been like Kirk and the Romulans – war averted. Instead they stopped her, locked her up, called her traitor, and then there was a war. Of course her gambit might not have worked but there was no guarantee Kirk’s actions against the Romulans would have worked either. What he did was only ok because it worked.

So I totally agree with the unfair comparison of Michael and Jack – raw deal for Michael, Jack is getting off Scot free and we all know why. But Michael didn’t really deserve any of the crap in the first place.

Also Michael was trying to save lives and stop a war. Jack basically started one. He was the essential component to sending the signal, which then got hundreds killed, and he handed himself over of his own free will. They are not the same.

Ok I’m all caught up on Star Trek: Discovery now.

I can’t believe they played the “these are the voyages” music – that’s for Enterprise! I was like ??? wrong ship dudes. Still that was pretty cool, I mean that is the iconic Trek music.

Little bit sad that Tilly didn’t get more of a hero moment. It was mainly Michael’s show with a side order of Book. Don’t get me wrong that was cool but I just feel bad for Tilly, her first time in the Captain’s chair and that’s what happens. I really wanted her to kick more butt somehow. She was great in keeping it together, and firm about what needed to be done. I guess the vibe I got was more teamwork, rather than that of a Captain leading.

Don’t think I’ve said this before (though it’s been obvious for ages) but OMG are they ever going to confirm Detmer and Owosekun as girlfriends? Because they are totally girlfriends. I thought maybe at first I was reading too much into it and it was just platonic but with the mirror!verse hinting at Detmer/Michael, and then the finale – nope girlfriends.


I love that they saw Gray and I also LOVE that they totally took it to eleven with Stamets actually saying out loud “yeah I have a kid” and Culber was such a dad to Adira and Gray. Their family is the best and Stamets is never going to forgive Michael – is he going to forgive the Admiral? I mean the Admiral agreed with Michael after all, perhaps that’s why Stamets hasn’t tried to transfer off Discovery because what difference does it make? When the head of Starfleet made the same call, anywhere in the fleet would be the same.

You know when I saw gifsets of Michael knocking him out and Stamets pleading “my whole life is in that nebula” I kinda hated Michael a teeny bit. Now I’ve actually seen it in context, I get more why Michael made that call. Stamets was just reacting emotionally (which was completely understandable!) but his only thought was for Culber whom he’d already lost once. So I see more both sides now. I hope Culber talks to Stamets about it and can help him with it because the bitterness/resentment will only hurt him in the end.

That was certainly a ride and a fourth season – and a fourth new Captain for Discovery – as Michael now finally has the big chair. I am a bit curious as to how season 4 will pan out but I imagine something will happen, as it did in the first episode of season 2, which will kickstart next seasons storyline.

Oh and new uniforms! I’m not overly keen. They don’t look as easy to move in as the form-fitting blue ones. At least though they are still jacket and trousers (I side-eye the one-piece Picard-era uniforms so much). It looks like season 4 won’t be until 2022 so I’ll need to be patient. Looking forward to it though!

I love Michael I seriously do but her questioning Saru’s objectivity?

Bwahaha that’s just hypocritical and hilarious.

Michael is like the least objective person around a lot of the time. But then she does kinda seem to feel like she has the monopoly on what the right thing to do is. Like when she breaks the rules it’s fine because she knows best but others? Nah.

To be honest I think that’s a hero trait. I’ve been thinking about Once Upon a Time last few days, I don’t know why, and the heroes in that had the same kind of hypocrisy. Please don’t get me wrong I do love Michael, I’m just calling it how I see it.

Tilly in the Captain’s chair whoo *pumps fist* the admiral wasn’t sure about it but I’m certain Tilly will prove herself. Everyone underestimates her because she’s friendly, and nervous and babbles a lot; they don’t think she’s as smart as she is or as capable. But Tilly has hidden depths, a core strength. This is her challenge, this is her hour.

It’s amazing how much Saru’s actor can emote through the makeup. Stripped back to human he actually looks far more like Saru than I expected.

I love how snarky Tilly is. How did they transport onboard though? I thought shields blocked that, I know they were only at 50% or so but that should have been enough. I mean my understanding was the shields are the same at lower % but they can’t take many more hits before they run out of power. So I don’t really get it.

Anyway that’s an annoying cliffhanger. I hope Tilly finds a way to get the ship back or she’ll forever think she’ll make a terrible captain with this her first experience out the gate.

Ok I’m still not over how Jim Brass just popped up on Star Trek Discovery, with Q like powers, and then made a stargate and peaced out.

The bowler hat kinda made it.

I like how Saru didn’t ask he just went “then she is deceased” because cosmic deity with portal power does seem like something to keep on the down low. The tribute at the end was nice though I wish Michael had passed on Georgiou’s sentiments regarding the crew but maybe they knew? As she did tell Tilly in person at least which was nice.

Though if he sent her back in time to just after Discovery jumped (aka just reversing her leap to the future) wouldn’t she then be in the history logs? But if she went to a parallel universe then wouldn’t that be just as bad? I guess the Section 31 show will answer that one.

Oh and I know it was the Terran evil mirror universe but I really didn’t like how Culber didn’t react to Stamet’s dying, didn’t try and save him or anything. Their love should transcend universes.

Watching Episode 2 of Star Trek: Discovery because I can’t help myself. I saw what happened to Michael, now I need to see what happened to the crew.

They really need to put seatbelts in starships, I’m just saying. Like we had better safety protocols in the 20th century.

Does Georgiou realise she’s totally transparent? I mean surely she realises with how everyone is going “we’ll get back to Michael it’s ok”.

Saru is totally sweet with Tilly. First he shows her it’s ok she’s babbling by telling her to continue, then he says she’s a wonderful first impression which was so kind. What a good man.

Lol I love how Tilly got the miners to put the guns down. Then she negotiated. I hope it wasn’t a mistake but then they don’t know about The Burn yet so they don’t know how valuable dilithium is.

Ok I actually want them to take this bad guy back to Discovery because Georgiou will make mince meat out of them. Lol and Georgiou found them instead. I hope this is going to be good. Oh no he shot her! Oh come on her arrogance is only good when she’s epic afterwards. Oh here we go yay! Oooh did I know Saru could shoot spikes?

OMG how are they going to defrost Discovery? Come on Stamets save the day. Yay! Saru I applaud your convictions but I think that guy might be too dangerous to let live. But on the other hand that miner was impressed with his principles which may well earn them more friends. Eww you can tell dude is evil because he did spitting.

I’m worried about Detmer. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but I’m speculating her implant was damaged with the smack on the head. Ok who grabbed them with the tractor beam? Ahhhh it’s Michael! Oh I wonder how long it was for her? It looks like it has been a while. Oh wow a year alone that’s hard. I wonder how she got a ship. I have questions!

Well that was a rollercoaster. Poor Culber. I think I may need to make a gifset of that scene. I have something specific in mind.

OMG episode 1 of Star Trek: Discovery season 3…

Went for the throat.

Seriously too many feels. I legit teared up. That final scene in the StarFleet office *bawls* when she commissioned him as a communications officer *sniff*

Ok I want to watch another but I don’t think I can take it. My emotions have been hammered enough for one evening.

Google says it was mid-march so I think it’s no longer spoilers.

Culber lives!!

Seriously I have no idea how that has come to be but it means that I will be giving Star Trek: Discovery another chance.

I quit mid-episode which is unheard of for me but netflix remembered when and so I picked it up when I was eating dinner and oh boy am I confused. I’ve sort of kept up with the general thrust of the story and now I don’t know what the characters know in relation to what I do, and when certain revelations happen and yeah it’s confusing.

Still for my beloved Culmets ship, I will endure 🙂

They need a happy beginning ok TV people? I won’t settle for anything less!

In light of SDCC just a reminder of where I stand


They can try and bait me all they like but I’m not returning until it is on screen and confirmed. They tore my trust to shreds in season one. Once bitten, twice shy and all that.

I will go down with this ship.

Star Trek: Discovery

I’m not tagging this for Star Trek: Discovery spoilers this time because I got a one word “goodbye” reply on my last one which felt passive aggressive. Me being me then thinks I’ve done something wrong and … I digress.

this wasn’t the gif I was looking for but it will do.

The Stamets and Culber gifsets are killing me!!!!

Honestly I am not ok!

Anyway, I still haven’t gone back and watched the rest of the episode after I got confirmation that Culber was dead. I did read an interview where the actor who plays Culber said he was ok with what happened and “would return” as it was part of a bigger arc.

Part of me now just wants to watch because it’s Star Trek and it’s shiny.

The other part of me doesn’t trust it, and remembers how I forced myself to watch all of Star Trek: Enterprise which after a promising start went so far into my NoTP I had to watch through my fingers going “no! no! no!”

Just because it’s Star Trek doesn’t mean it’s automatically good.

Besides if Culber just appears as Stamets true love in dreams/hallucinations I think I might bawl everytime he’s on screen. It’s so not fair! So him returning while it keeps their love story alive, is still unbearably sad. Short of raising the dead I’m not sure how Star Trek can fix it.

Crying forever…