Costume Party!Gold, if a bad guy ever took Belle hostage, what would you do to save her? Belle, do you think you’d be able to free yourself, or would you wait for Gold to rescue you?


Gold: I would burn the city to the ground if necessary.

Belle: *rolls her eyes* no you wouldn’t Cal.

Gold: *sighs* *mutters* Only because you wouldn’t like it. (Belle raises an eyebrow) *sighs again* alright and because it wouldn’t be helpful. I would do everything that was humanly possible though. I would spend every penny I had if it would help, I would hire the world’s experts. I would do anything.

Belle: I know *kisses him* but you know I’m no ‘damsel in distress’.

Gold: *fond smile* If you saw an opportunity you would save yourself. Oh I know sweetheart. You’ve saved me on occasion before now.

Belle: On occasion? How about we’re each others hero?

Gold: I like that and I love you.

Belle: And I love you.

Can I pick door number all of them? Seriously, both 1 and 2 sounds amazing and the other fics you have planned are right up my alley!!! Everything you do is so wonderful!!!!! But (and feel free to reject this!) what if in 2 Belle and Gold start their affair, both trying to pretend it’s not as big a deal as it is, and then Gold’s taken. Belle spends months worrying about him and wishing she’d been brave enough to tell him the truth. When he’s saved she’s worried about overwhelming him (part 1)

(part 2) so she doesn’t tell him right away, but makes it clear through her actions that she feels more for him then just a way to scratch an itch. But Gold doesn’t believe her actions or words at first, thinking she’s just reacting to him almost dying and being her kind Belle self. There’d be angst and misunderstanding and she’d think he was pulling away while he hero-ed and then the climax on the roof would happen and the truth of their feelings would come out!!!

I’m sorry, I’ll stop writing your fic now >.< This idea clearly ran away with me!!! But please feel free to ignore it all.

You don’t have to apologize! Never apologize! I love chatting with you and your idea sounds great! 🙂 I didn’t have anything past “mutually pining and pretending they don’t care” and so you’ve completely solved the ‘how do we get from scenario 2, to their happy ending’.

I mean the ‘canon’ fic wasn’t all that different. They were both mutually pining idiots before Gold was kidnapped, just in the original vision they didn’t have this affair which obviously adds complications/layers to the situation. Although quite why I’m talking “canon” about the backstory for a fic which I haven’t written is quite bizarre. After all, I haven’t written it so in theory the fic we’re spinning now, could be the actual story.

Anyway, time seems to be running away from me right now. I have no idea how it got to be May. I have at least half a dozen fics I’ve promised already but I’ll certainly put this on the list. Hopefully it’ll be a nice surprise for you before your next birthday heh but given time’s disappearing act lately…

Costume Party!Belle, if Gold had proposed sleeping together before he was taken, how would you have responded? Would you have taken it because you thought that was all you could have? Or would you have rejected the idea because you would have wanted all of him not just his body?


I … I’m not sure.

Without hearing how the proposition was made it’s difficult to know. If there had been any suggestion that he had feelings then I would have agreed, thinking that we could talk about it. Knowing Cal as I do now, I suspect that would have been a disaster of misunderstandings, especially if he wasn’t honest because he was trying to protect himself from being hurt.

If it had sounded like the clinical “we’re two consenting adults, it’s just a biological urge, an itch to scratch” then I hope I would have said no. Being so close to him, and yet so far away, would have hurt. From what I know now, it would have hurt us both. However … the temptation to just pretend, and also not to lose him…

Basically I’m glad it never came up. I think it would have been painful and ended badly and we might never have got it sorted, and wound up as happy together as we are.

(OOC: The angst potential!)

Costume Party!Gold, before you and Belle got together and before being taken prisoner, did you ever think of Belle romantically? And if so did you ever think she could return your feelings? (Or did you ever think of her in a short term kind of fling and you didn’t want to ruin what you had?)


I was never the playboy type. I embraced the ruthless, dangerous side instead and didn’t let anyone get close. Women were a risk, not least because of the inevitable ‘kiss and tell’ articles. There were a number of fake ones anyway because people want their fifteen minutes, they certainly didn’t enjoy the lawsuit and injunctions my lawyers filed because of their lies.

Belle was always different, infinitely more dangerous but I couldn’t bring myself to fire her. I knew her well enough to know she would be discrete, and yes I did consider a short-term affair to get it out my system, and then a generous severance package while she found a new job when it inevitably ended. However, I never could summon up the courage. I didn’t want to lose her, not her smiles when I did something right, not her scolding when I worked half the night; she fit into my life and made it so much better.

I suppose I had a rather large case of denial. It wasn’t until I was taken prisoner that I admitted to myself that I’d somehow fallen in love with her. I never believed for one second that she could possibly return my affections. I resolved that if I lived, if I managed to escape, that I would never tell her. If I did then I would lose her from my life completely. I would rather have kept Belle as a friend, than not had her at all.

Fortunately for us both, there was that incident at my factory. High on adrenaline, and the rush of survival, I kissed her (although Belle maintains she kissed me) and I admitted my feelings. I tried to apologize, I wanted to pretend it hadn’t happened, but Belle wouldn’t let me. She said for a genius, I was an utter idiot. We’ve been together ever since.

Costume Party!Belle, when did you and Gold first kiss? Were you in love with him before he was taken?


When I first started working for Cal I wasn’t impressed. He had a terrible reputation and he was so rude! I resolved not to let him get the better of me but it was looking quite antagonistic. Then, just a few days after I started working for him, my perspective changed. We were on our way to a business meeting when he suddenly barked an order to stop the car and jumped out. There was a child sitting at the bus stop. He was grubby and crying. I hadn’t even noticed them but a moment later Gold’s thousand dollar jacket was around them.

His reputation was that of a cold, heartless monster but he sat there for over an hour talking with him, completely missing the meeting. He then took the boy to the hospital where he was treated for a broken arm. Gold stayed with him, paid all the bills, and then took him home. It turned out the child was being badly bullied, and another child had pushed them over which is how they were hurt. Gold set up a trust for him, paid for him to go to a different school, and not one word of it was leaked to the press. It wasn’t done for good publicity, it was just done because he could and because it was a nice thing to do.

I knew then that he wasn’t the man I thought he was, that there was more to him – a man behind the ruthless businessman. Nobody could be that nice to a complete stranger, for no personal gain, if they were actually a monster. By the time he was taken a couple of years later, yes I was completely in love with him. I’d got to know him by then, unraveled some of his many layers, and I really liked the man I’d found.

He was still my boss so I never said anything, if it hadn’t been for the Iron Man suit I don’t know if either of us ever would have. There was an incident at Gold’s factory, which is what led to him announcing he was Iron Man, and it was an adrenaline-fueled time. I saved Cal’s life and then soon after he saved mine and we kissed. He confessed he was terrified he could have lost me and I confessed the same. It’s a tale as old as time really…

Costume Party



Synopsis: Charles Gold is less than impressed with his costume for the superhero charity benefit. Belle has her reasons for the choice.

Note: @little-inkstone Happy birthday to the best giftee anyone could ever ask for! You may recognize some of your own words back from my ask in February. I may have been planning ahead 🙂 I hope this is alright, I wanted to do something special for you. Hope you enjoy it!

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Work, money,
the pursuit of power, had utterly consumed him.

He’d lied to
himself, said he was doing everything for his boy – for Bae, even as his
beloved son slipped through his fingers. Left to make a life of his own, left
in disgust at the man his father had become. Charles Gold – the man, the
legend, the inventor with the ‘golden’ touch. The man who had started with
nothing, and built an empire worth billions which spanned the globe, an empire
which had infiltrated almost every industry. Everyone saw the magazine covers,
the glossy spreads, the swagger and the sarcastic quotes.

Gold had become
invisible inside his own life and hadn’t even noticed. He’d been so caught up
in the whirlwind of power and glory, of finally being someone that mattered.
Then he’d made that fateful trip to the desert, which he’d hated at the time
because the sand got everywhere, and in the depths of Afghanistan
there had been nowhere left to hide. It was like a mirror had been turned on
his life and he saw what he’d become, and what he’d lost, and what he still
stood to lose.

From scraps,
and broken dreams of Bae, he’d built a way out. When he left that desert, he
had a shattered leg which would never fully heal, but the biggest change was in
his purpose. Belle, his long-suffering assistant, had been at the Air Force
base to welcome him back. She’d told him that Bae had worried, that he’d
called, but he wasn’t there when he returned home and Gold understood. Bae was
still angry, and he didn’t know that it was his father that had come home – not
Charles Gold.

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*clears throat* *tries not to scream again*  Seriously, this is a wonderful suprise and I just want to snuggle it and you!!!!!  You’ve blended my love of rumbelle and superheroes so well together!  And I love that before Gold knew what he was he wanted to be batman! XD

I love the reasons you had Belle give for why she picked their outfits and it is familiar! 😉  I love how you adapted the Iron Man story line to fit them!  Of course Gold would get so involved in his work that he’d lose sight of what mattered, and then having his injury be his leg instead of his chest works so well!  Belle’s insecurities about being just average when compared to him broke my heart, since that’s probably how the world sees her but to him she’s the amazing one!

I also love how you had Neal and Gold upset with each other and then slowly repaired their relationship once Gold had come back!  And the line “Bae was still angry, and he didn’t know that it was his father that had come home – not Charles Gold.”  It’s too much for my feels!!!!

Again, thank you so so much!!!  This is beautiful and perfect and an amazing surprise and if I don’t stop here you’ll have an essay to read about my love for this!!!!  Especially because now my imagination is going and I’m wondering what it was like for Belle and Gold to fall in love!!!

*cries forever* you are the nicest person in the world! Thank you so much for this amazing comment. It’s your birthday but you’ve totally just made my week! Heh speaking of your birthday, of course I had to work in Scarlet Vision that was the point 🙂 I am so thrilled *happy dance* that you liked it!

As for Belle and Gold falling in love… I always accept prompts for existing verses and this seems like a fun verse to play with, so I’d like to write more. Unfortunately, as is always the way, I want to write a ton of things heh, but yeah definitely one day! Thank you again *hugs you* I hope you had a brilliant day! Happy Birthday! 🙂


Adorable! Gold as Iron Man is a theme near and dear to my own heart. And I love how you used the costume party to make Gold aware of some of Belle’s insecurities being in love with such a powerful man.

Thank you! There is that public perception. I mean even within canon Rumple has magic and Belle is seen just as a pawn by so many people. When really I’ve always thought that they are equals. Belle has strong skills of her own, they are partners and learn on each other. Also yes! I do think Tony and Gold have a lot in common.

I was remembering today that scene when Pepper went down and found the robots trying to get Tony out of the suit and he said “let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing” and it reminded me of when Belle found Gold in the basement doing magic in The Crocodile, and of course what she saw him do while at the Dark Castle. Anyway, I’m really pleased that you liked it! Thank you so much 🙂

leni-ba replied to your post “Costume Party”

Huh. Gold as Ironman. Didn’t see it coming but it makes sense. Especially interesting considering his limp outside the suit.

Very sweet!

Thank you! I’ve always thought Gold and Tony had a lot in common, it was fun to explore that a little bit. Yeah rather than go with the chest full of shrapnel, I took his limp instead so it was more Gold. I’m glad you liked it! 🙂