I swear the more fanfic I write, the more Nikola emerges as the supportive friend. That tag I said I should add to The Tragic Tail of ‘Nikola is a good friend’ should perhaps be appended to all my work going forward.

There’s no two ways about it. Nikola is family. Love language right. Nikola snarks, is insulting, gives people nicknames and flirts (with Helen). People that don’t know him would hear all that and think he was rude/inappropriate at best but I think that’s part of how he shows his friendship. It’s banter and it’s probably also part defence mechanism. Besides if there was any doubt Nikola’s actions speak volumes. Whenever they need him, he’s there.

He’ll always pretend like he isn’t really doing anything, he’d deny he was helping if anyone said anything, play it off with a quip probably or imply he has selfish motives. Really though it is because he cares deeply about his friends. If Nikola’s megalomania comes up in my fics I usually try and work in my headcanon, that he only wants to take over the world to make it better, because he’s frustrated that he can see the problems and nobody is doing anything. Nikola has a big heart.

I just love him your honour.