I’m just watching the Star Trek: Enterprise episode 1×14 – Shadows of P’Jem and Archer and T’Pol are tied up together sitting back to back on the floor.

First they had to push back against one another to stand up – while snarking! But that was fine, no big deal but then …

“Do you think we could move round to face one another and untie the knots?” So then they are tied up facing one another!!! Bad enough right but then …

They are curling round and bending each other over to undo the knots tying them together. They lose balance and fall on the floor with T’Pol’s breasts literally in Archer’s face. I felt like I was literally watching a fanfic trope on screen.

I very nearly stopped watching mid episode because this needs to be ficced immediately. Only question is should I make it Rumbelle or SwanFire?

Hmm I need a scenario as to why they are tied up in the first place, and if it’s Rumbelle whether it’s AU or what reason Rumple has for not being able to use magic.

Edit: Decided to add this to Nightwalkers because that fic is clearly not going to be epic enough (I’m mad crazy excited for Nightwalkers already heh) still can’t 100% decide if it’s going to be Swanfire or Rumbelle but I’m thinking it’s going to be Rumbelle for you know reasons.