Ok so WandaVision finale.

I have questions. Like what happened to white vision???? Also I’m really concerned about Wanda reading the darkhold, that end credits was decidedly ominous.

Anyway, my heart was shattered with losing Vision and the kids. Dammit I was worried about that. I’d hoped that “magic of creation” might have meant that even if Vision was sustained by the hex, that perhaps the kids were real. Seriously though hasn’t Wanda lost enough? The sheer courage she had to give them up to free everyone from the hex, when she hadn’t meant to do it in the first place, one moment of overwhelming grief and bam.

I know that in the hex the townspeople were suffering. That was bad and I feel very sorry for them. I’m not saying they should forgive Wanda, she hurt them and that was wrong, but I do hope they understand that it wasn’t malicious. The moment Wanda understand the impact she was having on others she ended it. She gave them their lives back. You could argue that her family weren’t real but they were real to Wanda. Vision was made from her love, and so were their kids.

So yeah that was super sad.

I’m still super bummed by “Ralph” aka fake!Pietro. Why? Why? WHY? They could have cast anybody to be the fake brother in the scenario they played, making it Evan Peters made it seem like there was more to it. It raised expectations, it certainly raised my hopes, and then that was it? I really, really hope that it’s not. Like there had to have been more to it. Please let there have been more to it. I won’t even be mad if the writers goofed, just thought it would be fun, and are now going “oh shit” at the reaction. Just let them fix it in a later instalment. Let them tie it into the multiverse how it should always have been.

Does Monica still have her powers? Everything else transformed back to how it was when the hex receded. Did Monica? They didn’t show us so I don’t know. I am thrilled though at the teaser that we’re going to see more of her, as she’s going to head up to join Nick Fury in space skrull land. Did anyone else think that skrull resembled Talos’ daughter? I mean Monica’s all grown up now, so it stands to reason she is as well.

Right so in conclusion. This show got better as it went along. I wasn’t convinced by the first couple of episodes. They were too wacky for me, too disconnected, but once the plot got going whoah – awesome.

I’d now say that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has a fair bit to live up to 🙂

nerdramblings101 said:  why does The Falcon and The Winter Soldier have to live up to WandaVision?

galactic-pirates said:  @nerdramblings101 that was my way of saying I thought WandaVision was good. It set a pretty high standard. So I’m hoping the next Marvel Disney+ series will be just as good. I confess The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the series I’ve been most looking forward to anyway. So I guess I’m a bit nervous it won’t live up to hype. But WandaVision won me over. So I just need to have faith I guess 🙂 

I just had a thought which made me sad.

Hayward only got away with what he said/did with Vision because Tony is dead.

Hayward told Wanda “I can’t let you have 3 billion dollars of vibranium to put in a hole in the ground” but Tony would have let her. Tony would have seen Vision as a person first.

Now obviously Tony wasn’t snapped and Vision was removed from the Wakandan battlefield somehow and got to Sword pre-Endgame. When Wanda came back from being dusted, he wasn’t there.

BUT Tony was in space when the Wakanda battle went down. He didn’t get back until some time later and he was in bad shape for a bit. I’m guessing perhaps Cap and the remaining Avengers brought Vision’s body back to the tower and Sword took it from them. Tony walked away from the Avengers, and by Morgan’s age Pepper was pregnant pretty quickly. I don’t think Tony would have let Sword take Vision if he knew about it, but I’m guessing he didn’t.

Tony was busy grieving for Peter, and trying to put some kind of life back together with Pepper. Also knowing Tony he was probably trying to fix the world, to deal with the logistics of half the population randomly vanishing and all that meant. I mean it was random who got dusted and that would have meant chaos. Experts, leaders, entire teams who take care of important stuff like power stations – big holes in infrastructure. He had a lot on his plate.

If Tony had lived then when Wanda immediately went looking for Vision to mourn him post-Endgame, he would have helped her. He would have found Vision at Sword and he would have moved heaven and earth to give Vision his dignity as a person – not just as a machine.

Hayward dismissed Wanda basically as “upset family member” who didn’t have the clout to argue. She wasn’t a citizen in Civil War (I remember Tony saying something about how they don’t give green cards to weapons, which suggests that he fought hard for Wanda’s legal rights and had trouble). She has that history as a fugitive post-Civil War (though that was presumably rescinded post-snap because Cap can move about freely). Whereas Tony is Tony Stark, head of Stark Industries, with more money than Midas and Pepper’s rolodex of important people to call.

I miss Tony 🙁

Lol I just watched WandaVision early because I thought it was the finale but there’s one more episode.

So Hayward is confirmed to be full of shit because Wanda never took Vision’s body. I guess we know who the bad guy is for the big showdown fight next episode – Hayward’s Vision.

Wanda losing herself in her powers also confirmed. I know she’s taken an entire town hostage which is bad but I really don’t think she meant to. It happened in a moment of blind grief. I think in episode 1 she had no idea and I think she gained awareness of it steadily, but still didn’t really know how she did it. Without that knowledge could she even stop it? Might it have been dangerous to stop it? It must have been quite frightening. She lost control and didn’t know what to do.

I’m a bit sad that fake!Pietro is just fake. I had hoped that it was a reality thing but Agatha seems to have implied otherwise. I guess it was just a fun haha for those who saw the X-Men movies.

Also sad that this entire episode went by without Monica and so we still don’t know if she is ok after being found by fake!Pietro.

Wanda being called the Scarlet Witch though was pretty damn cool! 🙂

If Wanda has the powers of creation why did Vision start to disintegrate when he left the hex? I guess it’s not really creation if he has to stay within the hex field. What does that mean for Billy and Tommy as they are presumably created to? Real or not real Wanda has lost too much already 🙁 it’s sad.

Ugh I really thought it was the end today and now I have to wait an entire another week! I just want answers dammit. I know we kinda got a lot of confirmation but I still have questions.

So a lot happened in that episode of WandaVision.

I mean the multiverse was talking about in Far From Home but was nothing but a lie there. Seeds of possibility though and from the X-Men version of Quicksilver I’m guessing something they are playing with for real this time. I figured they would have to roll with something like that in order to bring the X-Men in anyway.

Vision now knows something is up and isn’t going to stay quiet about it. There have been hints since like episode 2? That he sensed wrongness but now he knows. It’ll be interesting to see how that gets contained as there is still 3 more episodes. He can’t exactly blow it all up just yet.

Wanda’s speech to her kids was a bit “do as I say not as I do” but shows that she still knows what the right thing is, and wants to raise them right, even if she’s all a bit mixed up otherwise. Aka I know Wanda crossed the barrier but I’m still defending her atm, as I am just desperately sad for her pain. I don’t buy into her being a villain on purpose. I think maybe in her pain her powers got out of control and she’s just not ready to say goodbye yet. Plus there is lots of suggestions that Agnes is “in on it” and so there could be somebody else behind it. Maybe it’s Wanda’s power but not entirely her choice. Regardless I just don’t see her as a villain, not yet.

What hurt me the most in this episode was Monica being dismissive about Captain Marvel “not talking about her!” and I ache for what that maybe reveals. To go from the kid who wanted to build a spaceship to meet her halfway, to one that looks like she has zero respect for her now… Well I’m guessing it confirms that Carol never returned to Earth. She only came back when she got Fury’s page. So Maria founded SWORD, the two Rambeau’s had big dreams of meeting up with Carol and it never happened. Maria had to go the rest of her life without ever seeing the love of her life 🙁 I’m guessing that really hurt and Monica had to witness that, no bloody wonder she is mad at Carol.

Yeah I know I do seem to be watching WandaVision for the Carol/Maria pain atm 😛 but I can’t help it, that’s the part that grips me the most.

So the blipped people blipped back to where they were when they dusted? I suppose we sort of knew that from when the people arrived for the final battle in Endgame but I’d not thought about it before.

Marvel really didn’t think that one through.

What about all the people in planes? They are just going to fall out of the sky. People in cars? Congratulations you are now sitting in the middle of the road. Makes me wonder how Nick Fury and Maria Hill avoided injury as they were in the middle of the road. People in the middle of surgery. Are they now on top of whomever is currently having surgery? Somebody was having a shower and their family moved after the blip, you are now naked in somebody else’s house.

I’m sorry it’s just the implications are staggering. It’s crazy.

Monica is definitely my new fave, I love her. The stuff with Maria though is making me even more sad than I was this morning! Maria founded SWORD which was all about monitoring space, and space travel – yeah I wonder who she was looking for/hoping to meet up with.

If I wanted to make myself cry even more I’d picture Carol looking Maria up after Infinity War. Battling cancer, lost her daughter, dead in two years, like holy shit no. Do not want. To be honest in that light no bloody wonder Carol went back out into space and didn’t return until Endgame. She had nothing left on Earth.

I was a bit confused as to how Darcy was an astrophysicist when she was a political science major. But then it hit me that was years ago, and interning with Jane Foster could have changed her path. So bachelors in poly-sci and then masters/Phd in astrophysics. I mean Elle Woods did some kind of fashion degree to get into law school so it seems possible (I don’t really know the US college system that well).

I love Darcy’s snark, glad she hasn’t lost that.

I was wondering why New Jersey for Wanda to make her place, as Vision died in Wakanda, but where was the Avenger’s compound/final battle? Upstate New York right? So straight after Endgame, she flies off with Vision and loses herself in her powers. Although that doesn’t quite mesh as Wanda was at Tony’s service. So either she held on until after that, or that scene takes place post-WandaVision when she’s been forced to finally let Vision go.

She’s grieving, desperately trying to hold on to what she’s lost 🙁 first her brother, then Vision. The only other person we see her close to is Clint and he just got his family back, and I’m sure she was thrilled for him, but it leaves her alone with no hope for her own reunion. I feel really bad for her. This is actually a very sad show looking at it like that. Poor Wanda 🙁

I haven’t seen the latest WandaVision yet but I haven’t blacklisted the spoilers tag. I just saw a very pretty gifset of Maria Rambeau and I was going to hit insta-reblog and then I got to the last gif…


No, no, nope, no, not happening.


I’m sorry I do not accept that.

I mean sure that ship is doomed with Carol not aging but c’mon, did they have to put the boot in? Couldn’t I dream like a teeny tiny little bit that they found a way somehow for Maria to age concurrently with Carol? Don’t know how but I just want them to be happy together dammit!

I’m sad now.

Way to break my heart on a Friday morning.

#I know I should actually watch for context and I will tonight#but damn poor Maria 🙁 and Monica still looks so young so it’s tragic all round

I’ve just worked out what was bothering me so much about WandaVision. It was Vision with his whole “I don’t eat food” thing when I am sure I clearly remember him cooking (and tasting from the spoon) in Civil War. I think he said it needed more of some kind of spice? And he would go to the store to get it. He was cooking the dish for Wanda to cheer her up and she wanted to go to the store but he had to say it was better she didn’t leave the tower.

So in that context making such a big thing about not eating seems odd to me. Maybe he didn’t taste it, maybe I’m misremembering but it still seems like it shouldn’t be that big a deal.

jaystaysinside said: 

I could be wrong because it’s been a while since I saw the movie, but I think what was happening in that scene is he was trying to cook something for Wanda, and when she tasted it she corrected him saying what he put in “wasn’t paprika” and he alludes to the fact that he wouldn’t be able to tell

bloopme911 said: 

He said in that scene “in my defense I’ve never actually eaten food” when she made a funny face after SHE tasted it. He sniffed it and he didnt really protest when she said “I dont know what this is but its not paprika”, which leads me to believe he has no taste buds and wouldn’t know the difference even if he had. She might’ve been lying to get away but his response tells me it doesn’t matter. He doesnt eat. He doesn’t taste. He doesnt need to.

@jaythefangirl250 @bloopme911 thanks for clarifying that for me! My stupid memory doh.

I don’t know what to make of WandaVision which I suspect is the point.

I think my confusion is different though. There’s a lot of canned laughter tracks but I didn’t laugh once. Was I supposed to laugh? Was it funny?

To be honest I’m hoping it picks up a bit. The trailer showed a lot of promise but the first two episodes were long on confusion, almost all in black and white which got old fast, and there was not much tension. Like I know there’s a plot and the weirdness is part of it, but I don’t feel like they are teasing it very well.

I feel like if there is a mystery I should have more questions and be intruiged. Instead I’m just perplexed. So far I’m feeling very meh about it.

OMG I just saw the news about the Marvel/Sony split. I don’t understand what the split is about at all BUT what I do understand is that the future of the MCU is a bit ??? now.

I mean Far From Home a) ended on a big-ass cliffhanger and b) set up Spidey as the ‘next Iron Man’ – literally the leader/tent-peg of the next saga.

True there are other contenders for the throne. I reckon with Spidey out of the picture the leader of the next saga would have to be Black Panther or Captain Marvel (if they make it Dr Strange I’ll puke). Still it’ll be really weird given how much of the stage was set by Far From Home.

Hopefully the people involved will talk again and work it out, although given how it’s gone public, they are probably done talking :/