Diving back into Landmark

I have a few posts in the pipeline. One on Marvel Heroes which just added achievements! Another on the reality of the Swtor 12x boost, one on Age of Ultron when I eventually manage to see the movie (I can’t wait!) but it’s the newest post in the pile that has my attention.

I never really should have signed up for the Landmark Alpha but I was too excited about the game to wait the year or so until release. I wanted to try it out for myself. However, with having to gather all the materials, then losing them in wipes, I never really got into the game. I know it’s beta and that’s the whole point but I am a very bad beta tester, I didn’t want to waste my time gathering only to lose everything.

Well the devs have said that’s the last wipe, that they will only do claim wipes from now on. Given the template system, all people have to do is login and pick their spot and they are in the same position. From this point on, aside from more bugs and missing features, there’s little difference in my opinion between this and the eventual ‘launch’.

Right so what’s different from the last time I played? What are my ‘first impressions’ when logging in this time?

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Landmark Beta

Haven’t updated in a while. Real life things have been happening, like decorating the entire house to make it more attractive to a buyer, as we’re hoping to move. I’ve been without internet for about six weeks on my PC so been unable to play games. However, I managed to plug it back in this week, just in time for Marvel Heroes Omega Event, which I am actually trying to participate in (I want the Agent Coulson team-up) and of course, the point of this post – Landmark.

Now I’d thought that I’d written a post on Landmark already but I think perhaps I just intended too. I forget now how I discovered Landmark but I thought the ability to build, using real game graphics, was incredibly cool. I followed all the devs on twitter, was amazed by the screenshots they shared, I watched all the YouTube videos and tried to wait till release day. Well I failed, release day is so far away so several months back now I got a pack, dived into the game and promptly stopped. Why? Because it’s beta.

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