i can’t believe jk rowling did the opposite of 50 shade of grey and adapted my immortal herself i don’t believe it

Well, anything that’s the opposite of 50 sog sounds like a good idea to me XD

By opposite we mean instead of a different writer taking an original work (Twilight) to create a bad fanfic (50 Shades) JK has written a bad fanfic of her own work. Read the summary, it’s an unholy wreck.

I just read the summary and I can’t believe that’s real. Surely the internet is being trolled because none of that summary made sense. It was literally like reading a summary of an extremely bad fanfic.

I know you put ‘Harry Potter’ in the title and it’s bound to make money but an experiment to see how much you can get away with and still have people put up with it, that’s just cruel.

That just can’t be the actual thing surely. I refuse to believe it.