Under My Skin Belle: What sort of stories do you write? By chance would you ever write a story that features a Lachlan sort of character? ;)


(OOC: Oh man I feel so guilty about this story *hides in box of shame*)

My stories stem from characters so I write anything and everything. Most of my stories have an element of romance in but the genre background varies wildly. Right now, I’m writing a mystery romance story. As for a Lachlan type character, well I don’t intentionally ever write anyone I know into my books, but sometimes things wind up in there anyway. Never say never.

Under My Skin (Chapter Two)



Synopsis: When aspiring novelist Belle French rents a laborers apartment, at a peaceful picturesque Californian farm, she thinks she’s found the perfect writing retreat. She hopes for a few months free of distractions. However, what she didn’t count on was her neighbor – Lachlan MacAldonich.

Note: This fic has been nominated for the TEA’s in the category Events: Monthly Rumbelling (Non-Smut)!

Thank you so much to everyone that nominated it, I’m really honored. I’m also stunned, especially because it’s still very incomplete. This chapter fought me tooth and nail hence the delay, sorry about that. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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When Lachlan had told her that his alarm went off at 4:20am,
and they left the farm by 5am, Belle had nearly balked. She knew it was a long
drive to Los Angeles,
and that the farmers market opened at 7am, but she’d never really registered
what that meant. Some of Lachlan’s middle of
the night banging around made more sense now, and she certainly had more
sympathy. Having agreed to go before she heard the time, Belle didn’t really
feel like she could then refuse, especially as Lachlan
did it every week.

She second
guessed that decision when the alarm jolted her awake, at what really should be
the middle of the night. Groaning, Belle rolled out of bed, abruptly realizing
it was still dark outside, and that she didn’t even have power to make a cup of
tea. She groaned again, honestly it was enough to make a grown woman cry. She
staggered to the bathroom and splashed her face with cold water. Fifteen
minutes later, still bleary-eyed, Belle strolled over to where Lachlan was loading the truck with the help of another

Belle,” Lachlan greeted her wearily, looking
about as awake as she felt.

Belle yawned.
“Tell me we can stop for tea on the way?”

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I’m glad that she called him out loud on his drinking, and not wanting to be a ‘drunken fumble’. It might make him think twice about how much he has to drink next time. Not to mention playing second best to Beau – Belle’s smart to recognise that if who he is doesn’t hold up to his physical attraction, then it’s not going to be worth pursuing anything with him. 

Heh I like your tags! I hadn’t consciously noticed the Belle and Beau link, I might have to work that into the next chapter somehow 🙂 Yup all of this heh. I’m glad you liked it, thank you so much for commenting. You are wonderful! 🙂

Under My Skin!Belle: I get the feeling you’ve had a lot of moments lately where you want to, y’know, thud your head against the wall. Please try not to do that literally because we’re all very fond of your head and it’s never worth it. *pets*


Creatively speaking banging my head against the wall always seems like a brilliant idea. I actually did it once, to see if the impulse went away – it didn’t. In terms of Lachlan, the man definitely knows how to get under my skin, which is in turns both infuriating and very welcome. Don’t worry, if it comes to it, I won’t be banging my head against the wall.

Under My Skin Lachlan: So, what’s the game plan now? Do you intend to seriously pursue Belle?


I don’t bloody know. I thought we were having a good time, I make my move and she storms out. Her loss right? Plenty more fish in the sea and all that. Though when I woke up I did remember her saying she really liked me *smirks* so maybe it’s worth another punt. Anyway, Belle’s just offered to drive me to LA. Several hours alone together in the truck should move things along.

Hands All Over – stillsearching47 – Once Upon a Time (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


Hands All Over – stillsearching47 – Once Upon a Time (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Under My Skin Belle: How goes the writing? I bet your cute Scottish neighbor could give you some inspiration if you need any. Especially if you’re writing a steamy love scene. ::wink, wink::


Oh I don’t write erotica, well I do but I don’t publish it, and I definitely don’t write anyone I know in real life into my books. You do have a point though, maybe that’s why I’ve suddenly found Lachlan so fascinating, I can tell he has a story. As for the writing *snorts* Lachlan is more of a distraction than an inspiration there. Not that I can bring myself to mind…

Under My Skin Belle: Lachlan is pretty cute… he seems good with his hands. Thoughts?


Good with his hands? Why would you say that? *thinks about his deft movements as he bustled round his apartment* *thinks about how he used to play guitar, and the complicated patterns of the music* *blushes* Well I suppose it’s certainly possible but I hardly know him.

Besides it wasn’t his hands that made me look at him differently, and realize how attractive he is, it was his eyes. There’s more to him than first appearances suggest. I hope we get a chance to talk, I would like to get to know him better. Perhaps if we are on better terms, I won’t feel quite so murderous the next time Lachlan makes a racket. I might even be able to get him to stop.

UMS!Lachlan : Wow, man, just calm down. Why you getting angry so fast ? No trick, just a question. It’s like those “You can have one million dollars but you have to spend it in one week end.” question. It’s a “You can have Belle but you can’t drink alcohol anymore” question. Look, I’ve got a scotch, 100% malt. Tis a taste of home :) How about a drink to make peace ? *takes two glasses out*


*mollified* oh, alright then. Cheers to you!

Besides I don’t even know Belle yet, not really, and she might not even like me, so it’s not really a fair question.

#deep down he knows he has a bit of a problem but isn’t willing to face it yet#give him some time and in another couple of chapters the answer to this would be very different#by then he’ll know what he stands to lose with Belle I reckon he got angry so fast because he was defensive

UMS!Lachlan : Would you stop drinking to nail Belle ?


Is this a trick question? I don’t understand what one has to do with the other. I can drink AND I can have Belle (if she’ll have me), why would I need to stop drinking? Are you trying to say I have a drinking problem? I like a drink but doesn’t everyone? I really don’t understand you, I thought we were getting along, you had some great ideas earlier but now …

#oh Lachlan is in for a rude shock#he is going to have to choose#well actually spoiler alert Belle doesn’t mind the drinking so much as the reasons behind it and that it’s to excess because of those reason