Miracles Happen!Belle: How does it feel to finally be seeing the world? Did you enjoy your special train trip?


It feels incredible. Honestly I feel like pinching myself some days. Life isn’t perfect obviously, there are good and bad days, but after the rollercoaster of events just before and after Gideon was born… normality is most definitely not overrated. Actually our trips have reminded me of one of the (many) reasons why I fell in love with Rumple.

I didn’t really have a term for it in the old world but now I understand that he was the first ‘intellectual’ man I’d ever met. We can spend hours discussing everything under the sun. It’s such a joy to soak up all the history and culture of the world with someone that appreciates it as much as I do.

As for the train trip it was just lovely. The atmosphere of the steam railway was like nothing I’ve experienced before. Gideon loved it and even though it was a ‘fun’ trip for him, there was still plenty of history and culture which he was learning about unconsciously. I want to give Gideon as many opportunities as I can, Rumple and I both do, and if he can have a great time and get a little education at once so much the better.

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Miracles Happen!Belle: I’m so happy that your dream of seeing the world is coming true. So, you’re in the North Yorkshire Moors. Do you plan to see Haworth Parsonage in West Yorkshire (I suck at geography, so I’m not sure how far you are from that) where Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre? I know you love books, so I thought it might interest you. Well, wherever you go, have a wonderful time!


Belle: Ooooh no I didn’t know that! *checks online* It’s about two and a half hours from here … but I suppose when we leave to go … oh there’s a museum, oh Rumple …

Rumple: I take it we’re making a detour? *smiles*