Last Friday Night!Gold: how did the case go? Were you and Belle ever at risk of being discovered again?


The case is still ongoing dearie. These things take months, especially with all the delays the defense is petitioning for every five minutes. Dragging it out is a tactic because the jury gets tired, they just want to go home, and then they are more likely to find in favor of the defendant due to the benefit of the doubt.

*cough* as for Belle and I we aren’t seeing as much of each other. The loss of the tape seems to have made the defense decide to keep quiet about their knowledge of our relationship, but there is no sense tempting fate. It’s best not to give them any ammunition.

The moment the jury comes back and this case is over, I’m taking a week of my accumulated leave and taking Belle away from the city. There’s a small box burning a hole in my desk drawer…