Happy Anniversary!Lacey: I noticed you pointed out that the two of you had the house to yourselves… You and Gold haven’t given Neal any traumatic memories yet, have you?


Well there was that one time when he came home early and we were in the kitchen … talk about a mad scramble. Gold all but shoved me in the pantry. Neal was a little confused and suspicious as to why his dad was shirtless but he seemed to accept the laundry excuse. That or he’s his dad’s son, as the second he asked Gold gave him fifty bucks for the movies, just to get him out of there.

No it wasn’t for Neal’s sake that I reminded Gold, it was for mine. Gold is always so damn controlled, keeping quiet on the off-chance Neal might hear something. I wanted him to lose that control, to just give in and enjoy. I wouldn’t trade our marriage for anything, but sometimes I miss the early days, when we used to just hook up and have fantastic sex. Don’t get me wrong the sex is always fantastic now. It’s just … I don’t know maybe I should suggest we take a long weekend sometime soon…

(OOC: I should name this Gold at some point…)

ifishouldvanish replied to your post “Happy Anniversary!Lacey: I noticed you pointed out that the two of you…”

You know, Lacey… Some people might argue that trying to keep quiet is half the fun 😉

Lacey: That depends, maybe sometimes for the thrill if we were somewhere interesting … besides sound doesn’t carry in this house. I already checked that.

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