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Awww, this was the best! I loved the first scene so much, with Neal so sure that Emma was breaking up with him and willing to let her go. Awwwwww!

And then we find out that Belle has been working her calming influence on the Gold household for years already. Nice!

Gold’s reaction was the best ever. Of course he’d soften at the thought of the coming baby as his grandson. *hugs* SO SWEET AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING IT!

Heh, it was my pleasure. I would like to write more Swanfire anyway 🙂 I’m really glad you liked it! Yeah it’s probably disgustingly sweet but I have a fondness for fluff, and the Gold family. Although, I’m prompting myself now. I want to write a conversation between Belle and Gold that night, when Gold’s panic sets in. He went from angry to family first, without thinking through the implications and then suddenly – grandfather! Heh 🙂

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Yay! Prompt: Setting up the nursery



Note: Sorry for the delay. Silly timezones 🙂 Look, look, I actually wrote a ficlet, not a full blown fic! I’m kinda amazed at myself hehe. Enjoy!


When Emma had
told her high school sweetheart Neal, that she was pregnant a month before
graduation, she hadn’t know what to expect. She knew Neal pretty well and had
expected that after the initial shock wore off, that he would be very
supportive. It was his father’s reaction that Emma worried about. Mr. Gold had
a fearsome reputation and Emma had imagined he would be furious. Therefore
nobody was more surprised that Emma herself, to be standing six months later
watching Neal and his father struggle with furniture for the nursery.

Emma had grown
up bouncing around the system. When her foster home had learned she was
pregnant they had thrown her out. She had called Neal in tears, not knowing
what the hell she was going to do. Ten minutes later Mr. Gold’s iconic Cadillac
had pulled up to the bus stop where she was sheltering. Ten minutes after that
Belle – Mr. Gold’s wife – was fussing around her and getting her a nice hot cup
of tea.

“Please say
here is good,” Neal pleaded, as they finished dragging the heavy wooden cot
into a different position.

“Oh I don’t
know,” Emma teased. “Maybe I prefer it back where it was before.”

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Heh yeah I liked it – Gold family ficlet. I was going to write about Rumbelle setting up the nursery for their child, perhaps in my Right Wrong Number verse. However, I knew if I did that, then I would never keep it to a ficlet. I’m really glad you liked it, thank you so much! 🙂


Awwww. I was so grinning from the first paragraph on, my face hurts now. SO CUTE AND PRETTY AND CAN I HAVE MORE, SIR? lol I always love outside pov on my favorite couple, and an Emma who has discovered how soft-hearted Gold really is and that his homelife is one of kisses and cuddles and unfaltering support… Yeah. That’s a family life anyone would wish for.


Love the little detail about Gold protesting being sent out, and Belle rolling her eyes but indulging him anyway:


Awww thanks. I love happily married Belle and Gold, I should write it more often really. Well if you want to have some more, all my verses are open to prompts and it’s TMI Tuesday tomorrow, so feel free to prompt heh 🙂 I’m really glad you liked it, especially because it was your prompt. Thank you so much for sending me a prompt, that was really kind of you 🙂

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Yay! Prompt: Setting up the nursery

See? *THIS* is what fans crave: bits of happy fluff between crises, enough so that we know the characters we care about are going to be all right. Then, when Henry (would his name still be Henry?) is about three, Regina pulls something awful, or Hook or Cora shows up, and Emma has to become the Savior. And Gold has to let the Dark One loose.

This was set in non-magical AU Storybrooke, but you just made my mind explode. Twenty-eight years was always such an arbitrary number, likely chosen because Henry was ten. What if two things changed?
1) The dark curse pulled everyone from Neverland as well, it definitely reached Wonderland because Jefferson was brought along, so it’s not impossible.
2) Emma found her way to Storybrooke when she was much younger, waking Gold who discovered that Bae (Neal) was somehow in town and making time start to move again.

Regina had some magic because she gave David curse memories, when he hadn’t had any due to being in a coma. So a deal with Regina to tweak the curse and Neal is Gold’s son and Belle is released from the asylum to open the library and fall in love with Gold. When she fell in love with him, true loves kiss woke Belle from the curse, so their happiness isn’t a lie. They are just waiting for the curse to break. Which means Gold has an incentive to protect and be nice to Emma, but as family has always been the most important thing to Gold he would do that anyway.

The trick would be getting Emma to break the curse, but Gold wouldn’t be in any hurry. He has everything he wants already, and if the curse breaks, then Neal remembers everything and he doesn’t want his boy to hate him. Maybe he’s hoping he’ll be able to earn his forgiveness, with providing new good memories now. Then maybe when like you said, Henry is three, Emma and Neal share true loves kiss breaking the curse.

Emma would be confused, Neal would be angry. The curse on the town line would mean Neal couldn’t go with Emma and Henry, if he did try and get them away from crazy town, or maybe he would think forgetting his past was worth it, and then Rumple wouldn’t be able to go after him without forgetting Belle. Throw in Cora and Hook turning up, plus whatever Regina was concocting (though I prefer her conflicted to evil) and that’s an interesting mix.

Anyway, thank you so much for your comment heh 🙂 I’m glad you liked the ficlet!