I decided yesterday that today would be a day for writing but I had a really bad nightmare and kinda just want a duvet day to banish the world instead.

Seriously I’ve been awake 3 hours and I’m still freaked out.

I had a dream last night where I was in like a real world video game. Like it was real but the mobs obeyed aggro ranges like in games. There were five levels and on the fourth level I had to team-up with Peggy Carter to solve Garcia Flynn’s murder. It turned out that relatives of mobs I’d slain in level one were replacing the citizens in this level in order to get revenge. The brother of a banshee I think was the killer.

What even my brain?

I had a really cool/weird dream last night.

It started off with the Rumbelle family with imp!Rumple in this realm. They were married, and had Bae, Gideon and a younger sister. Then Agent Phil Coulson of Shield had to arrest Rumple for a crime he didn’t commit.

Coulson tried to be nice about it but there were listening devices all over the house, he said it was for the families safety but they didn’t trust him – Rumple was innocent!

Then the dream morphed and I was in a bar with Peggy Carter. I spotted this guy about to shoot her so I started to throw things at him – pens, a stapler, desk stuff that came to hand. He started shooting at me and Peggy took him out, then says that I saved her life. I said I didn’t really do anything and then … the next bit is a bit fuzzy but it’s the 1950′s and Peggy decides I need a makeover. I wind up in a dress and heels! (neither of which I would EVER wear) and I say that I can’t walk in heels, so Peggy tells me to run instead – I’ve now been made an assistant Shield agent.

Again it’s a bit fuzzy but then we’re at the 12th precinct but it’s still the 1950′s, and I’m going undercover as Castle’s new partner, as Ryan, Esposito and Beckett have to go somewhere on this old wooden plane. There’s some banter between Ryan and Esposito as Ryan doesn’t think he can fly the plane. We see them off and then start investigating … something?

Anyway, a bit later Castle realises what he had seen but not noticed – that the plane was sabotaged. That’s why I’d been put undercover. We try and get hold of a phone to call the police but nobody has one. For some reason we’re on my old street and knocking on all my old neighbours doors doing this. So we run all the way to the police station instead and tell them that they need to contact the plane before it falls out of the sky. The uniformed cop grabs his radio and goes “Mayday, mayday” and then says “ah wrong radio” then someone comes in and says there has been an explosion.

Cut to Castle sprinting across this open field, wooden debris everywhere, fire lighting up the night sky going “my wife’s in there!” and then Beckett, Esposito and Ryan appear out of the smoke, a bit grubby but unharmed.

Then I woke up 🙂

#i haven’t even watched castle lately#seriously i don’t know what my brain was doing last night

I dream every night. Vivid and often exhausting but last night it was interesting as well.

Set in World War Two. This General said “it can’t be done! We’ve sent our best men.” This Captain then marches up and says “maybe so but you still haven’t sent the best” and takes off their cap and loosens their hair tie. (In other words they need to send their best woman).

What happened next is kinda fuzzy, as dreams often are, but the Captain is paired with a female partner. There is a scene with a half-naked guy and the Captain doesn’t blink which the partner thinks is odd but then notices them blushing and checking out this girl. They have to pretend to be a married couple and so there’s some awkward bedsharing.

Erm there was a scene where they had to chase a train but couldn’t be seen boarding as their target was onboard. They had to change clothes and they had matching jackets. Details are fuzzy but that was an important point because of some flirting. It’s hard to remember. Anyway it developed quite slowly with the partner realising she liked the Captain too.

I woke up before the stereotypical happy ending kiss. I keep trying to remember more about it but it’s like holding water in my fingers. Dreams are annoying like that. Still I thought it was cool.

You know you’ve been thinking about Rumbelle fanfic a bit too much when you start dreaming about it.

Last night I had this weird dream. It was half watching the fanfic idea unfold, and half knowing that I was plotting the fanfic and then going “well that’s a bit cliche, try doing something different?” and then turning it around and thinking of other possibilities. It was even complete with me mentally groaning that one idea would have been plenty, and now I had two and was that really necessary?

Although unfortunately (or fortunately depending on point of view) I can only remember bits and pieces. As is quite often with dreams the more I think about it, trying to remember, the more it fades away and becomes fuzzy.

Still I thought it was quite cool to dream about rumbelle fic 🙂