The lip-syncing is terrible, almost as bad as the dancing /sniggers.

Still this is actually quite entertaining. The characters are more dimensional than I thought they would be and I really like the tourney game that looks like a cross between shield drills, lacrosse and American football. Oh and the castle/manor looks cool, especially with all the emblems and coats of arms.

I keep wanting to say Mal is the best character but really they do all have their journey. Jay experienced the feeling of belonging for the first time. Carlos confronted his fears. Evie gained confidence in herself that she could be smart as well as the much lauded pretty that she had been taught to admire. The son of Prince Charming was the “biggest jerk” and the fact that up until now they never gave the descendants a chance meant good was shown to have its own dark side.

Plus I watched this initially for the soundtrack so that’s good.

And oooooooh I’m kinda live blogging and ok Prince Ben is awesome with the reveal that he knew and he still likes her.

Oh wow check out that stained glass window of BatB. I still feel gross that shady Blue is playing Belle but all the yellow and blue looks good rather than silly. I commend the set people.

And awwwww this ending I should have seen coming and didn’t. I hope that changed some hearts and minds before Maleficent showed up. I think calling it an ending was premature. Seriously she brings new levels to chewing the scenery.

It’s a bit hammy but at its core – not rotten :p

Would recommend.

Decided to watch Disney’s Descendants movie because the soundtrack is good and oh man I’m 10 minutes in and this is a trip.

Blue – shady Blue! – is playing Belle ick

The Evil Queen is played by the same actress as Sister Mary Patrick (the really happy nun from Sister Act).

It’s obviously part musical which I hadn’t quite realised but ok.

I have a feeling this is going to be part weird and part hilarious.