Watching CSI and man Catherine is always having to protect Grissom from himself isn’t she? The example in this episode:

“You’re not going in there without backup!”

Grissoms all “We can go back or we can go forward” (he’s going in)

So Catherine pulls her gun and follows him because Grissom sure as hell never has his.

(Full disclosure Catherine probably is my favourite character).

I haven’t watched CSI:Vegas in ages but tonight I felt like it. Only problem is what episode? I have 9 seasons to choose from. My default is usually to watch season 1 as it’s probably my favourite. I do like season 5 and 6 a lot as well. The problem is I remember them – cue random number generator.

1-141 and it gave me 30, so I’ll be watching episode 2.07 tonight. I used to curse RNG when I played Warcraft but it has it’s uses 🙂

Grissom :)

Wow non-Once cool! 🙂 You know I was just thinking I should rewatch some CSI the other day. I haven’t seen it in ages. Got to be honest Grissom isn’t really the best character to pick for me, so I hope these answers don’t disappoint.

OTP: Grissom and Work. Oh I know, the proper answer is Sara and yeah I know they loved each other but I never shipped them.

BrOTP: Catherine or Brass, hard to choose between them. I think Catherine at the end of the day. She always had his back, from saving his life in the season one finale, to doing his paperwork.

OT3: Don’t have one.

NoTP: Catherine, it’s a bit of a theme with me I guess. If I like them as a BrOTP then they are a NoTP because I just can’t see it as romantic.

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