As a Male reader of your fics I’m sure you don’t get many Male readers as like 98 percent of fandom and fiction writers/readers are female , I just want to Thankyou for writing Cora. I absolutely love Cora and I appreciate people who write her well , respect her character and don’t bias write as I find most the female fandom hates Cora

Oh wow, thank you so much anon. To be honest I’ve never really given much thought to the demographic of my readers, I’m still stunned and exceedingly grateful that I have readers at all. Personally I have no idea what fandoms feelings are towards Cora. I haven’t come across any Cora-hate myself, but then I do tend to steer clear of character hate altogether. To be honest I don’t really hate any character. I think they all have a lot of potential and would be interesting to explore via various storylines.

I find Cora particularly fascinating and there’s so much about her that they left unexplored. In many ways I wish they hadn’t killed her off. Imagine Cora left behind in Storybrooke, when the gang went to Neverland to save Henry. Imagine them returning to find Cora had taken over the place – “my daughter is the mayor, and you can’t leave a town without leadership.” – and due to Cora’s heart-taking ability, they wouldn’t be certain who was acting of their own volition or not.

Cora was awesome really. She had that understated class I love in an antagonist. She would work via manipulation, make people doubt that she was doing anything bad at all, sow seeds of doubt and dissent. Cora was smart. She changed her status from miller’s daughter to princess and in a class system that’s huge. I don’t know if you’ve seen Alias anon, but Cora reminds me a bit of one of the Derevko sisters. They were incredible characters.

Anyway, I’m going on a bit so I’ll shut up now 🙂