Bucky needs a new superhero name as he’s not the winter soldier anymore.

I don’t quite know what as he doesn’t have any other aliases (apart from when he took his turn as Cap) so it would be new canon (not drawn from the comics) but I still feel strongly that he should have another name.

I suppose so long as they don’t refer to him as the winter soldier in universe maybe it’s alright. I just feel like that was who he was brainwashed to be – that wasn’t a choice he made. Bucky chose to be a hero as a howling commando, he chose to follow Steve. I just feel like he should be known for his choices not for the “villain” he never actually was. He didn’t want to be that guy.

He’s the White Wolf (the name they gave him in Wakanda).


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier should have become

Captain America and the White Wolf.

Marvel you missed a trick.