I had genuine intentions to do stuff honestly but I’m fortunate that the stuff isn’t vital so I can sit and boil instead.

33 with very little breeze, high humidity and no AC. It’s like being smothered in a thick hot duvet and there is no escaping it.

/end whining

9pm! 9! And it’s still 30 degrees. 30!

Yeah I’m not getting any sleep tonight.

What’s the phrase? Go home summer you’re drunk!

England is not setup for this 🙁

It’s much too hot 🙁

Honestly over 30 in England with no AC, the air as still as a … very still thing and high humidity, it’s just too much.

I know it’s much hotter other places but I can moan if I want. It’s going to be like this and worse all week apparently.



Not a great photo as it’s dark but holy crap it’s snowing – again! FFS weather, this is England in mid-March! Do not want! Look at all that white! Nothing compared to places that have snow I know but! this! is! England!

#overuse of exclamation marks is necessary#snowy weather

Winter wonderland!

It’s about 6 inches I think and still the sky is heavy with more. It’s -3 (feels like -11 thank you phone) and I know that most countries will laugh buuut THIS IS ENGLAND heh 🙂 Seriously we are not set up for this. Every road out of my town is gridlocked, car wheels are spinning in place at traffic lights as people have stopped and then can’t move again.

I ventured out this morning as mum’s husband needed milk and smokes. I’m allergic to milk and I loathe smoking but it was safer to walk and it’s only half a mile to the shop so I went. I got the milk but when I tried to buy the smokes…

“ID please.”

“I’m 27″

“You look underage.”

Yeah … so that happened and naturally I hadn’t thought to take ID with me /facepalm. I had to take my glasses off as snow stuck to them so much I couldn’t see and I was like the abominable snowman when I got home as so much snow had stuck to my clothing so I didn’t make a return trip.

It’s cold outside.





I have to go and run soon 🙁

On the bright side we have a sea breeze here 🙂

We have no breeze here 😩

I just had a shower and felt better for about 5 minutes and now feel like muck again

You know what’s even worse? It’s only May! I hate summer. Bring back winter, and I can snuggle under blankets. There’s always something that can be done about being cold but the heat is inescapable.

I swear if it gets hot like it did last July I really will melt…

My thermometer says 26 which is damn uncomfortable, though it has got hotter. When it’s mid thirties like last July yikes. The problem is England isn’t set up for heat. Our windows don’t open, we don’t have screens to stop bugs from coming in if we can open them, and homes generally don’t have AC – in fact a lot of offices and public buildings don’t. I really hope this isn’t an omen for a hot summer because do not want!



I should be doing lots of things but I’m looking out my window at the swirling falling snow. All I can think, is I’d be enjoying this sight a lot more if I didn’t have to go out later.

Half of me thinks it’s pretty, and is amazed that it’s settling as usually it’s too wet to do that. The other half is worrying about visibility, and the increased risk of black ice if the sludge freezes under a layer of snow. Heh, snow is a bit of a rarity in England 🙂

LOL we were lucky, no snow here. I mean, it was snowing horizontally when I left work last night, but it’s all melted and dried up this morning and you’d never know it had been raining, let alone snowing. 

I have a very antagonistic relationship with snow…

I don’t blame you. Snow is more trouble than it’s worth. Much better on a TV screen than real life. I’m hoping it won’t last here. It’s not snowing quite as heavily now and to be honest it is probably just a ‘light dusting’. It looks most impressive on top of stationary cars, which are obviously smooth surfaces.

I tried to take a picture out my window but it didn’t really capture the sight that well. I think my phone can take like photo gifs, which would probably be better but I don’t know how to do that. My back yard isn’t very picturesque anyway 🙂 The most interesting bit is how the snow is clinging to the chimney of the house in front, where the wind has buffeted it – looks just like icing sugar.





america pls take back ur weather

my smol pale scottish body is not equipped for this 


As it is currently down pouring outside I will ask England and the rest of the UK to tale their weather back in response lol

*happily accepts the rain*

*grabby hands* please, please give us back the rain! Anything to cool this place down a little. It is too damn hot.