Saw Black Panther last night.

#NoSpoilers but it was amazing.

It was a visual treat from a cinematic standpoint. It was funny and sad and jaw dropping in turn. What I appreciated the most though was how it didn’t shy away from what are usually termed ‘uncomfortable truths’. I’d actually spent the day researching imperialism and the slave trade for a research paper so it felt particularly poignant.

I was kinda sad though by the ending and I’m going to pretend to myself that everything was remote piloted and things were figuratively set to stun. Like when Clint and Nat did the “are we still friends?” *grin* “depends how hard you hit me” and everyone was ok afterwards – I’m going to pretend it was like that!

Oh and Shuri is the absolute best. I want a tour of her lab and I’m dying to know how the tech works. It was so cool!