I haven’t been this furious at a fictional character in quite some time.

How dare Jennifer do that to her mother? Well to her whole family but it’s her mothers tears that are killing me 🙁

I mean she’s going to have to go home at some point right? The longer she runs, the worse it is ESPECIALLY because she is in danger. I just don’t understand why she’s running from her family. They would help her first, lecture/ground her second. Sure the consequences suck but as she partly ran because she felt they were too strict, I expect that there will be lots of talking. Any anger will be because they were so frightened.

And I’ve circled back to how can she put her family through this?!?! again because really? I don’t get it. It is very very cruel. I guess she perhaps isn’t thinking from their point of view, she probably hasn’t thought “my mum might think I’m dead” but that is the reality her mum is living and my heart breaks for her 🙁

Watched Black Lightning last night, 2×06 so that’s one episode behind I think.

Anyway, woah

I called it (the whole world called it) and so they didn’t even make it a thing, just bam Gambi was back. Second major mysteries batman, like what is going on???

aaaaand that is my one criticism. I think this show is incredible. I adored how season 2 started with the theme of consequences and actually addressed the fallout from the end of season 1. Most shows just brush it under the carpet and move on but they didn’t.

BUT they have introduced so many new angles, everyone is separated and ugh I know that’s probably the point but dammit it makes my heart hurt.

Lynn is hurting desperately, Jefferson should be with her. Everyone seems to be ignoring Jennifer and I predict that’s going to blow up soon. Anissa is constantly going off on her own and I applaud what she’s doing but dammit I much prefer when characters talk to one another! Gambi well … if he has access to an armed drone, surely he could drop a note to Jefferson?

Plus with all the new angles there isn’t the time in the episodes. Like when did we last see Garfield school? Jefferson was demoted, those kids in the hallway who were fighting were suspended/expelled, there were issues and then dropped because of this element metal in South Freeland new thing. It feels like they are trying to pack too much in, like each episode should be twice as long or something because there’s not enough time to do everything justice.

Also am I the only one slightly disappointed that Grace is a meta/tied to this South Freeland story somehow? I was really hoping that they would take Anissa and Grace and sort of echo Jefferson and Lynn, one powered, one not and explore that dynamic. It would have been a learning experience for everyone because Anissa and Grace aren’t Jefferson and Lynn. So Anissa and Grace would react differently but at the same time, would history wind up repeating itself?

I guess they felt that Grace had to be tied to the plot somehow because they hadn’t brought her into the storyline enough otherwise. It’s a shame, I think they should have. Grace could have represented the perspective that is lacking – of someone on the outside. Henderson could have been that but he’s barely a guest star at this point. So Grace could have been like a mirror, letting the Pierce family see how Black Lighting/Thunder etc. are seen by those who don’t know the truth.

Then you know tropes aren’t bad. There could have been the cliche secret identity issues, with Anissa making bad excuses and then my personal favourite resolution, where finally Anissa decides to come clean and Grace could have just rolled her eyes “I figured it out ages ago, took you long enough to tell me”.

Also I haven’t forgotten that whole “bringing people back from the dead” plus the tattoos of the dead storyline in season 1 – what was up with that? Can we get some resolution please?

Just watched Black Lightning Season Two premiere and everytime I think this show couldn’t get more real it’s “wow they did that.”

This show is a gift honestly.

And it makes me want to write so much Lynn meta. I’m just enthralled with what they are doing with her character. It’s like they are taking every … ugh I can’t think of the words but you know how they often portray partners of superhero as “unsupportive” or “weak”. Well it’s like they take that and turn it on it’s head.

It’s like watching a masterclass in someone taking a trope I dislike and turning it into something wonderfully complex and with proper reasons and nuances and just …

I did not realise how much I had missed this show until the new season started. It’s just so intelligent and the core of it being family is so good. I suppose they weren’t very subtle with the theme of consequences but then there is a lot to deal with – and they are actually dealing with it!

It’s not “next plot point please” it’s “let’s resolve the mess we already got”.

I know Black Lightning is DC but I was wondering earlier what Lynn would say if it was in the MCU and so the Sokovia Accords were a thing. When Jefferson wasn’t using his powers then it was a non-issue but once “Black Lightning is back” happened then uh-oh.

In case anyone wonders why I’m rambling about this. I’m holding a “virtual write-in” for my region for Camp NaNo this evening. I set it for 7-9pm tonight because there had been some real-world write-ins last November then so I thought it might be a good time. I said to tell me if it wasn’t and nobody said anything.

An hour in and nobody has shown up yet. I can’t do anything because I have to refresh the page every couple of minutes so I’m just marking time by fishing in Warcraft and writing this in between fishes.

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I have very bad second-hand embarrassment from the third episode of Black Lightning. If you’ve seen it then you’ll know what I’m talking about. *shudder*

I absolutely adore the character of Grace! I think she knows more than she’s saying. How cool would that be if she has powers/knows about powers and obviously so does Anissa but they are keeping the secret from each other? That would be like a “Whaaat you too?” Mr and Mrs Smith moment but without the fighting.

Question of the day why did the lady with the sniper rifle miss? The order was to kill “the electric freak” which I thought meant Black Lightning but she hit the reverend and it was a through and through and hit Khalil.

Ahhhhh *incoherent screaming* Jefferson and Lynn are taking my shipper heart and shredding it. I totally get why they aren’t together but they love each other so much. Their eternal argument is playing out on the TV with the friend/police inspector vs the public opinions. No wonder nobody knows who is right – they both are! It’s such a complex issue and that is so real.

Also Lynn is such a great mom. Mothers unconditional love and support and she totally wasn’t buying Anissa’s half-truth of the breakup. I wonder if learning about Anissa’s powers will help or harm any reconciliation.

Man I am falling so hard for this show!

After I watched the pilot episode of Black Lightning I made a post saying “oh no I ship it”

I’m watching episode two now and corny costume or not this show is AMAZING!

I’ve totally lost my fic-writing mojo but when Jefferson declared he was back as Black Lightning and Lynn teared up – oh man I wanted to fic it so bad.

I don’t think there has been a more compelling couple since Rumbelle. Please don’t disappoint me show.

I have to go to bed now but Netflix says I have three more episodes to watch. Can’t wait!