Assassin’s Creed: An Overview – UPDATED!!

I should be writing but /cough just let me ramble for a second.

On October 9th, 2021 I made this post, so that’s like 2 and a half years ago? And I feel like doing a little update.

It’s funny what experience changes. I hadn’t had my PS5 long when I wrote this and was still playing all of the AC games on the PC through Steam. The PS5 controller was a million times better than the Steam controller I had previously been using but I was still struggling. I didn’t grow up with a console/controller. I played a few PC games as a kid but wasn’t really a ‘gamer’ until I discovered Warcraft and that as an MMO with keyboard/mouse is a very different beast.

Anyway since this game by game breakdown there have been developments!

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So I have to vent for a second.

Playing through AC: Black Flag. Trying to get 100% sync as that is a requirement of Platinum and I have been trying to do that for my games.

Sequence 10. Sneak about, stay out of combat. Was infuriating but I eventually managed it. Then right at the end almost the last thing is an assassination from a rope swing…

I must have tried… I’m not sure. 50 times? It felt like a ton. If I land on the stairs and then kill him, I have to be quick to reload the previous checkpoint or it’ll save. If I don’t kill him some of the time I can dive off and run around but he doesn’t always reset right/it bugs. Over and over I tried the rope swing. Had to reset that section and clear the watch towers, oh at least half a dozen times when the jumping off the boat failed.

Then finally bam off the rope and assassinated. Success? Well I cleared the rest of the memory (just an easy boat battle) aaaaand no.

It did not check off. And I’m not going through the entire memory again for the third time today. This is where my evening has gone and I am so frustrated. It shouldn’t be this difficult!

Excuse me while I go cry or hit something. Ahhhh!!

Assassin’s Creed: An Overview

There are 12 Assassin Creed games and I own 11 of them (+ Liberation as it was bundled with III). I don’t own Unity because I read so many comments about it being ‘buggy’ that it put me off. I didn’t feel any particular draw to the location either. If it had been super cheap like the earlier games I might have decided to try it, but even with the Steam sale it wasn’t quite cheap enough so I decided to skip it.

Anyway, I’ve talked a couple of times about reducing my backlog of games so this weekend I booted the games that I’d not even touched. I’ve now at least loaded all of the Assassin’s Creed games. Breaking it down game by game, this is what I thought:

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Assassin’s Creed Update!

(not using the title because that seems way too announcey)

A couple of weeks ago I rambled about AC Origins (and Odyssey) which I had got in the Steam summer sale. I said I’d mostly played Origins because that came first but I was enjoying it. I had a few gripes about aiming and the camera but for the most point it was a thumbs up.

Anyway I was enjoying it and the sale was still going on so I kinda … maybe *cough* bought Syndicate and Black Flag as well. I did restrain myself because I was tempted to get AC II, Brotherhood and Rogue as well. I didn’t because I wasn’t sure how the graphics would hold up these days and also I figured I had enough game with the 4 I already had to last me until next years steam summer sale!

I couldn’t resist Syndicate because it’s Warehouse 12 era (they even have a grappler gun!) and Black Flag is pirates. Those themes were just *grabby hands*. Now I haven’t booted Black Flag yet but I’ve played a few hours of Syndicate, so how is it different from Origins?

Well 1) the combat is a bit easier for me. I find I can see when to block etc. a lot easier. 2) the camera behaves! I can adjust it no problem with the controller which is how it should be (seriously that is the #1 thing that annoys me the most about Origins and otherwise I love that game).

There’s a lot of things that are the same which makes sense as it’s a franchise game. It’s comfortable in the familiarity and I like that. It’s not as open world as Origins with the sequences and I’m still not sure whether the bonus objectives are important or not. I’ve mostly been playing as Evie which is cool.

There seems to be more story in Syndicate around the whole “assassin’s creed” thing with pieces of Eden and more modern day stuff. I’m a little bit confused but that’s what google is for so if I have questions I’m sure I can find answers 🙂

So I picked up Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey in the Steam Summer sale. I’ve been interested for a while ever since I saw a trailer on the TV. Seemed like just my kind of game being third person (first person makes me motion sick) and with the strong story. But they were so expensive that I wasn’t willing to chance it. Well 80% off persuaded me to have a go.

I’m utterly terrible at gaming.

I actually finished Jedi Fallen Order and got about 93% complete, (I keep meaning to go back and finish it off to actually 100% a game), but I did it on Story Mode and I still had trouble on occasion. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t grow up with controller games but I struggle to remember the buttons. I am the textbook definition of button masher. It’s a bit weird as I manage Warcraft ok but that’s a keyboard/mouse I guess.

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