So all this stuff with WoW Remix got me thinking about the hear treadmill. Now I don’t care about it – at all. I never have. I participate in it because it’s part of the game and it’s impossible not to, but it’s not something I care about in of itself. It’s not why I play.

I explained this badly when it came up in my guild discord but I just had a thought which I think expresses my view better.

I imagined the question being posed to me of “so you think somebody running solo in story mode, should be able to get the same rewards as someone completing a mythic raid then?” and you know what – I actually do.

A great example of this is PlayStation games. PlayStation games. Take say the Marvel Spider-Man game. Somebody can play that on Easy and get all the collectibles, trophies, see all the fights, the story, the cinematics etc. just the same as somebody that plays on Ultra Crushing Hard. The difference isn’t in what they get – it’s in how they like to play.

Some people have epic skills. They are blessed with fast reactions, and they enjoy the challenge. They like throwing themselves against the brick wall until they eke out a victory. Absolute power to them. I wish them nothing but happiness. Personally I am neither that good, nor do I find that enjoyable. I like a bit of a challenge, I don’t mind a few attempts while I work it out but I like it to feel possible. If victory doesn’t feel within reach then I’ll switch to an easier difficulty mode for that boss.

Purely my personal POV but I like the way the PlayStation game does it. Separating the reward from how people like to play. Everybody gets the same cake, no matter how they enjoyed the journey to get there.

In Warcraft I am definitely the minority in this. The entire game is set up so people can feel superior I guess? I remember all the talk of “dirty casuals” when I first started playing back in 2010. It’s sad really. Personally I don’t think other people having stuff takes anything away from me. Let people play the way they enjoy.

Don’t mind me, currently amused with myself.

Scrolling my dash and I saw the “WIP file game” a couple of times (guess it’s the ‘in’ writing ask game of the moment).

And that’s great and all but I don’t have any file names 🤣 I quit using gDocs end of last year. I moved everything over to Plottr and NovelPad, with a personal WordPress for those “I just have to make some ramble notes” moments. Although I haven’t touched that since I finished plotting. All my notes for revision are across hundreds of sheets of paper (if I count the printed draft as well as the few dozen sheets of lined).

I don’t know it amused me. Sort of like in a nostalgic sort of way? When I first started writing digitally I think it was in Microsoft Works (Win 3.1 with floppy disks). Then I went to Wordpad as that was included and I didn’t have Word. I was an adult when I finally got Word? Had a decade of carrying a USB stick everywhere with the word files on it. Then when I got an iPad (RIP USB ports /sigh) I jumped to gDocs.

But yeah no file names as such 😛

galactic-pirates asked:

Fic author never have I ever – have you done “there was only one bed” yet?

Oh! We should go through the romance trope brackets lol. “Mistaken identity” my beloved. How about that one?


I don’t think I’ve done either!

“Only one bed” for Bering and Wells – I can see Myka being all gentle-womanly (for want of a better term) about it, offering it to Helena because that is what one does. And I can see Helena simply taking Myka up on the offer, all “thank you, so kind”, while Myka full-on goggles, because she was *not* prepared for that. I can see Helena doing so both because I think she can be a bit selfish at times (and maybe she’s really really tired and really wants to sleep in the bed), and also as a way to show Myka that this kind of communication isn’t universal, that when you offer something to someone, there *is* always that chance that the other person will take you up on your offer, so you better had made your offer sincerely, you know what I mean?

And then Helena gets ready for bed and shuffles to one side and is all like “bed’s big enough, come on in, I slept in the same bed with peol all the time when I was young” and Myka chokes on air again; yet another difference between them, and again Helena is probably doing that with some kind of agenda (and not just the “getting Myka into bed with her” agenda). Kind of “please don’t make a big deal of it but also please don’t forget that I’m not from here”, you know? Like, no matter how much Helena usually fits in, and maybe wants to fit in, she is also very different, has experiences that nobody else has, and sometimes you want to forget them and sometimes you want to cling to them, kind of style.

I don’t know if I could do “Mistaken Identity” justice. I am a very straightforward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get person, and I don’t write well things that are so far outside of my way of being, if that makes sense? Miscommunication, mistaken identity – I always want to clear that up ASAP, and drawing it out for the sake of the story… I’m not sure I could do that well. How would you go about it?

(Thank you for asking, and sorry for answering this late; it’s been a busy few days)

Oh I love this! Especially Helena’s “don’t offer if not sincere” thing. As an autistic who takes everything literally this is a big pet peeve of mine that there are these unspoken rules about what people ‘really mean’. Like just say it and then everyone knows.

Anyway, ahem.

For Mistaken Identity… oh man there are so many options but sticking very close to canon, off the top of my head say they went a bit longer than they did in Episode 1 before Myka knew Helena was HG?

Like they are hunting for HG Wells (who Myka thought was Charles until Artie called) and they find Helena getting into the secret compartment where the Impercepter Vest was. She said that she was sent to secure the artifact and they’d just been introduced to the whole concept of regents and they think she’s an agent. Which of course Helena rolls with and she can talk the talk (I mean she was an agent!)

So Helena is helping them with their search for HG Wells 🤣 and obviously talking to Myka, and showing off her brilliance a bit. And Myka likes her, thinks they work well together, wonders why she isn’t an agent agent at the Warehouse. Helena doesn’t lie but is specifically careful about the truth. Like “I used to work there but then my daughter died. I hope to work there again one day” (more in character phrasing than that but you get the idea).

I’m not too sure how this scenario could last more than a day or so at best, before Artie says HG Wells is a woman and Myka realises. But by then it’s too late. She has seen “Helena, fellow agent” and can’t just see her as “HG Wells, bronzed (presumed) bad guy”. Myka wonders what the truth is. How much of what Helena told her was a lie? How much was the truth? And Helena’s answer would probably be “rather more than I expected. You have a way of making me want to be honest” or something like that. Like Helena was more herself pretending to be a regent agent, than she was with her villain ‘mask’.

Now a scenario that’s a little more AU would be easier to play out over a longer time, and delve more deeply into the masks and yearning for acceptance and to be seen/loved for who they really are, which is what draws me so strongly to the trope. But going a little more AU means the sky is the limit and there’s too many options for me to conjure something without another kind of prompt to get my brain chewing.

You know when you are trying to be patient because it’s only been a few days and that includes a weekend? Yet have zero faith it will get better?

Yeeeeeah…. I’m talking about WoW Remix. I am so disappointed in it.

Think I might do a proper blog post later to rant 🙁

But TLDR highlights – what was advertised, was not what went live. They got my attention with “currency for items” and “accelerated levelling”. I watched lots of videos and I hadn’t felt that positive about the game in a long time.

What I was expecting was the first character levelled would be slow/normal speed, but getting slightly faster/more powerful as they levelled up and the cloak got power. Then as the cloak was account-wide, the next character would be even faster/more powerful, and the next one even more than that. Aka the more you played, the faster the levelling and the more OP you got. I was giddy. I had planned my levelling order. I was thinking I would perhaps do 8 to knock out various heritage armor quests.

But the cloak is not account wide anymore (it was on the PTR and why would they program something so complex only to hardcode what people got instead???). Now once one character gets the top “infinite power” (ha! what a joke) achievement, any alt will simply start with the same baseline ‘upgraded’ cloak – the same. So the second or the tenth is identical. And this baseline ‘boost’ is no more than what the winds of wisdom is that they give us sometimes yet I had to earn it??

Now with the currency accumulation to buy stuff that was like double bubble. This one is probably on me because with currencies going account wide in the next expansion, I assumed bronze would be – but it’s not. Also it accumulates so slow that someone did the math. You’d have to clear mythic Siege everyday for the full 95 days to stand a chance at getting all the things, and that’s if you don’t need to use the same currency to upgrade your gear to be able to run the raid in the first place.

I just feel super demotivated when I was ready to heap praise on the mode. Because I thought it was set up super well because everything in the mode was a way to get more powerful and make progress. I had been planning on spending most of my free time in Remix. Now with how disappointed I feel I don’t really want to play at all.

Aaaaand that was basically a rant not a TLDR – oops! I didn’t even mention how broken the scaling is. Like want to get weaker and weaker the more time you put in? Yeeeah that’s how it goes. Worse I don’t think they will go “ok our bad” and revert the batshit nerf and make the cloak account wide again, because some people realised the frogs were farmable and have powered their cloak mad high. That was always a way to farm lesser charms back in the day (I did it myself sometimes when I was short) and so it’s not like blizz didn’t know that was a thing. But yeah I foresee this being the excuse now for why cloaks can’t be account wide and have to be capped 🙁

Their promo is about being “overpowered” so I don’t get it. Well actually I do because the community is toxic. It launched Thursday and already the “if you don’t have X or Y don’t even bother applying to the group” has started. So I sort of get why balance is a concern but at the same time it’s a limited time mode, that has no bearing on the actual live servers as it’s all locked away. Boost everyone up. Although this clearly anathema to them. I’m on a Fury Warrior and my primary stat is in the red because they have thrown a class wide nerf buff thing, that lowers my stats just by logging in. Like why? They said in an interview about powering up enough to solo raids and sure, make that possible without exploiting creative game mechanics (aka frogs). Let everyone have mad fun and not just those who have spent all day everyday racing ahead.

Sorry ranting again. I’m just disappointed. I shouldn’t have got so enthusiastic about this mode. I shouldn’t have believed the PTR or all the videos of players excitedly talking about it. I should have expected it was too good to be true. But I was counting down until launch. I hyped up my guild. I rearranged my regular Thursday night plans as I wanted to experience the chaos of the launch, and jump right in. And now yeah I am just so demotivated 🙁

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sarcasticsciencefictionwriter asked:

Never have I ever written an apocalypse story and/or AU!

Hey thanks for the ask! ❤️

Kinda? I mean there’s the little oneshot at the end of the world Life Without Purpose from Sanctuary Pavor Nocturnus.

The Timeless post season 2 fic Friends in Time had Lucy and Wyatt time travel back from an apocalyptic future. It’s talked about in flashback but isn’t the primary focus of the story.

I have never written a full story in an apocalypse and I’m not sure I would want to? I’m a “happy ending” type person and any ending in an apocalypse could only be bittersweet or perhaps hopeful but still there’s such an underscore of tragedy. I mean I get the point of finding light in the darkness, that even in the darkest of times people find a way to live. There’s a lot of good stories to be told.

I mean I do tell stories of times of hardship. My current novel is alien invasion – entire cities have been wiped out. However they are still fighting. An apocalypse implies that they lose. Maybe they rebuild but there’s a total loss / end of fighting / giving up / lack of hope first. That just isn’t my thing. I want to keep hope, snatch victory from the jaws of defeat if necessary.

I enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn / Forbidden West. I think that’s as close as I get 😛

magicmumu2 asked:

Never have I ever written a coffee shop AU

Oh thank you!

I was going to say yes I have but then I thought about it, and I don’t think so…

Cassandra and Lamia (Librarians) did meet for the first time in a coffee shop in my little missing moments fic and the Outsiders. But they could just as easily have had that conversation in a park, or bus stop etc.

I can’t remember now for my sci-fi thriller series. I had two ideas for how the main characters met and one of them was kinda a coffee shop AU. The mercenary went to the coffee shop everyday while she scoped out her target (office building nearby) and obviously flirted with the waitress. Then when it came time to do the actual job the waitress saw them and followed (perhaps to say hey, now I’m not at work do you want my number). Anyway they blew the job and then some kind of exciting chase or something. I forget. I didn’t write it and this was only one option for their ‘meet cute’.

Anyway, something like that maybe!

bookwormchocaholic asked:

For the Never Have I Ever ask: have you ever written anything during WWI or WWII?


Oh! wait… well, it doesn’t really count. I was 11 and it was a page of a story that I never finished about a spy entering some kind of secret code cracking bunker.

I can’t see that I would write that era in original fiction. While there are many stories that could be told, none call to my soul. If I still wrote fanfic I think there would be a rich seam there of adventures for the Five (Sanctuary).

We had one flashback episode to WW2 on the show where Helen, James and Nigel teamed up and went behind enemy lines to stop an abnormal from wrecking D-day (where they ran into John). Tesla was back at HQ ostensibly because he was too brilliant to risk, but sadly we didn’t get to see him do any inventing.

So yeah, if I still wrote fanfic, some kind of adventure for the Five would be the best bet for that era.

Thank you for the ask!

tinknevertalks asked:

For the Never Have I Ever, have you ever written a murder mystery? (Going for the big tropes today because brain hurts. 😂🙈😊)

Ooooh yay thanks for the ask 🙂 🙂

I have!

More than one. Well… I suppose hmm.

For fanfics let’s check AO3 first.
– I have Conspiracy Afloat, which is basically a Rumbelle murder mystery. Belle witnesses a murder but the body vanishes, and so nobody believes he’s dead. Thus she starts to investigate herself.
– Then there’s James Watson and the Curious Case of the Jarnul which was less of a mystery really because it was just a short oneshot. A mystery feels like it should take a while and have red herrings and stuff, but they were investigating a murder so it kinda counts.

Then back in the day there was

I never ported that stuff over. I think I had one fic I wrote at 19 but everything else was from when I was younger, 13 or earlier, and I figured I’d leave it in the past. Anyway, back then I wrote for Without a Trace (among other fandoms). Without a Trace is a show about finding missing persons, and I did write case fic. So each fic was a new mystery. Somebody had vanished and the team had to find them and sometimes they’d been murdered. Is that strictly a murder mystery? No. But it was a mystery, and sometimes murder.

Ok and finally original novels!

My sci-fi thriller has a lot going on. I wouldn’t call it a murder mystery exactly. However the MC has been framed for murder, and they do need to find the real culprit before they go down for it.

What is more pure murder mystery than a cozy mystery? Yes I have one of those in quasi-development. I planned Book One and have a few words. Not many right now but one day ™. My MC is renovating their board game cafe and a body falls out one of the walls. In true cozy fashion despite not being an investigator of any kind she gets sucked into looking into the murder anyway.

I think that’s it. Told you, there’s a few of them 😂

I love it when I get random likes on old posts.

No clue if you are a bot but I just read my old post, and got a trip down memory lane and now I have the warm fuzzies.

So thanks 🥰

bookwormchocaholic asked:

Fanfic Witing Emoji Ask Game: 🦉, 🚿, 🤷‍♀️, 🙂

Yay thank you!

🦉Is there another author that helped inspire you to write?
Answered here 🙂

🚿 Where do your best ideas seem to strike?
Lol I love that the emoji for this is the shower because that is the classic isn’t it? For me it’s probably not that. To be honest my best ideas seem to strike when I’m actively hunting them. Sometimes I need to let them percolate a bit and I’ll do some cleaning, or build some lego, or go make a hot drink, do other chores etc. (percolating time is important). But otherwise it’s when I’m at my desk working. Before I can think of the answers, I need to ask the questions (percolating doesn’t work otherwise).

🤷‍♀️What’s a fic you didn’t expect to be popular, but really took off?
Answered here 🙂

🐎 Would you ever do a medieval or pirate au?
For fic? No because I’m not writing fanfic anymore BUT please allow me to ramble for a minute. My current novel is in a lot of ways a portal fantasy and the world they fall into is the typical cliché medieval magical kingdom. I have another novel as a WIP which is a Camelot retelling (so also medieval in a lot of ways). Then we come to pirates – I’m going to say no, not in the traditional sense but I do have a Steampunk WIP which has airships so… maybe something? And I think space pirates will have to be a thing in something at some point. So maybe some kind of AU’s with those aesthetics eventually.

🟥How long do you spend in edits?
This is a funny question because I’m deep in edits at the moment for my novel. Over 42 hours and counting and I’ve not even finished my first edit pass yet (I’m thinking there will be 3 passes, plus one final check). I don’t think edits have ever taken this long before and I’m thinking maybe that means I’m finally doing them properly?

These are actual edits (so about how I’m saying it, not about what I’m saying). I’m not talking about revision. This book has already been revised and redrafted multiple times. No I’m purely talking edits, so execution not content. I’m starting to be afraid the edits will take as long as the draft did (110 hours for this one), but we’ll see I guess.

Back when I was writing fanfic I didn’t tend to do much more than a proof read. So the amount of time editing, was really the length of time it took me to re-read it carefully and make a few tweaks. So not that long at all.