The NaNo Report: Day Twenty-Five

I don’t seem to be having much luck with write-ins. I haven’t attended in years, even before they were suspended because of covid restrictions. The previous ML favoured this incredibly busy, insanely noisy coffee shop and I couldn’t cope. The new ML last year arranged a much better location but it was in a part of town I didn’t know, the parking wasn’t easy and I just couldn’t psych myself up enough to do it. This year the new new ML picked a third place and you know the old Goldilocks “just right” thing.

Anyway I went to the kick-off the week before NaNo. I didn’t make the first write-in as I was behind on words, forgot to arrange it with mum (she has to accompany me) and back to back weeks was a lot for me. Mum had guests the following week and couldn’t. Last week we tried to go and the road was flooded. We sat in traffic for hours and then came home. This week we got there to find the place was shut due to staff illness, so I just came home again.

Last week the unexpected change in plans threw me off and I didn’t get any words. I was worried that would happen again but this time mum got me started before she went back home. Once I have started, I can continue. It’s breaking through that initial resistance to start that is so difficult.

I’m not thrilled with what I wrote. I think the explosion description is dumb and probably not how physics works. But as I keep saying (as I need to hear it) this is a starting point. I hit yesterday’s par – the 40k! I am still about a day behind but especially with the energy from the ‘final push’ providing I can conjure enough story to write, it should (please don’t jinx myself) be absolutely fine.

Words today: 2,053
Current total: 40,289