The NaNo Report: Day Twenty-Four

So for a minute there this morning I was afraid there weren’t going to be any words today. I am someone that gets thrown by the smallest things not going right. On my schedule today I was supposed to change my bed. So I stripped it and then realised that the sheet I needed to put on it was still in the laundry from last time cue obsessive panic. I messaged mum hoping to not have to think about it anymore even though I didn’t think she would be awake. She was and she fixed it because mum is great like that.

Anyway! I then did manage to do words. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the waffle in the scenes I wrote today will get moved and presented differently. But this is turning into a real discovery draft so it’s ok I guess. I did sort of give myself a continuity error which was a but funny as I think I wrote one thing in Episode 2, thought about it and realised that was a bit dumb, and changed it a bit in this episode. Decisions, decisions and all that.

I am still behind NaNo pace (should have hit 40k today) but it’s only about a day behind so I should be alright (hopefully). I am pretty sure that if I’ve never got this far and not hit the 50k, but I probably shouldn’t say that because I don’t want to jinx myself.

Words today: 2,637
Current total: 38,236