The NaNo Report: Day Twenty-Three

So it’s been a few days. I think I said in my last report I had finished Episode Two and had nothing planned. I lost Monday to working out a story and most of an outline for Episode Three. So I did ‘write’ on Monday but I didn’t get any words for NaNo as it was just planning.

Tuesday went the way of depression. I’m not sure what triggered it but my head was just not in a good place. I zoned out as a defence mechanism I think and my brain would just not work. So no words there. Then yesterday (Wednesday) was chore day. By the time I had got groceries and cleaned the house it was mid-afternoon and I had just had enough.

Which brings me today and there were words! A lot of them! I was sitting at around 7k or so behind and now I’m a bit less than 3k behind. The scenes need a lot of work but for the first time I felt like I started to get a bit into the voice of one of the characters. I haven’t felt that yet so that was good. Hopefully it will happen for the others eventually. The thing that worries me is if this episode is the same length as the others, I’m going to be a couple of thousand short of the 50k with nothing planned again. Still I guess that’s next weeks problem.

Words today: 4,208
Current total: 35,599