The NaNo Report: Day Nineteen

No report yesterday. I was supposed to go to a regional write-in but I spent several hours stuck in traffic and never made it there (road was flooded). This threw my whole day out and I just couldn’t get my head in the game when I got back home. So it was a zero day.

Today I think I was helped by the fact I knew mum was visiting for a few hours. I had to get today’s words in this morning, and I wanted to finish Episode 2 (as I just had the two scenes left). I did it! Made for my highest word count day this month I think and now I am less than 300 words behind NaNo’s par. They are crappy scenes that need a ton of work but for the zillionth boring time, at least I have a starting point to build from.

Only problem now is tomorrow – Episode Three – and I have nada, zip, nothing. Not even a concept. So that will be fun. I will need to brainstorm before I can begin to write :/ hopefully I will manage to do both.

Words today: 3,226
Current total: 31,391