The NaNo Report: Day Seventeen

I had some trouble getting going but as was the case yesterday, once I started it was fine. Well… depends on your definition of fine. I’m 99% sure I will have to toss everything I wrote. I’m not happy with the scenes at all. I keep telling myself that it’s a starting point and that it gives me something to work with. Doesn’t stop it from being a bit disheartening though.

Yesterday I worked out the rest of the outline and I hope tomorrow I will finish Episode Two. I have absolutely nothing planned for Episode Three so future!Me is going to have fun /not. I do like the artifact I came up with for them to hunt for this time, it ties into a cool historical mystery but not one I had heard before. So I hope that will be interesting for people to read – if I ever get to the point of being able to share that is.

Currently a little less than 200 behind NaNo pace, so closing the gap there. Hopefully I can keep it up!

Words today: 2,582
Current total: 28,165