The NaNo Report: Day Sixteen

I’m cold. Now that’s not a complaint exactly. The horrifically hot summers (like 40c last year!) mean I can’t bring myself to mind the cold, instead I am grateful. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am cold. The way the temperature fluctuates it’s hard to know what to set my heating at (I have to guess the day before and it ‘charges’ at night for the following day). Night before last I didn’t have it on at all as it was warm enough without it. Last night it was on and it was clearly not on enough.

Anyway I went to mums for around 90 minutes this morning as I could not focus to get started. It was 5-6 degrees warmer there. I got around 1.1k and reached the end of what outline I had for episode two. I came home for lunch and then really did not want to shift out from the blanket. I did so and I managed to conjure the rest of the outline so episode two is now planned. I also wrote more. I guess while I couldn’t get started when I was cold, continuing was easier even though it was no warmer.

On my planner I write the starting total and what I have left and the “left” number is now smaller than the “have”! Whoo! So I am now about 1.1k behind NaNo pace. It’s a deficit I haven’t yet been able to shift but hopefully soon or at least by day thirty lol.

Words today: 2,624
Current total: 25,583