The NaNo Report: Day Fifteen

The half way mark.

Am I halfway? Not quite.

It’s Wednesday which is chore day. Having to go grocery shopping historically makes me functionally useless the rest of the day. It’s why I made it chore day (I used to clean on Sundays). So Wednesday is the designated ‘do nothing’ day in terms of the productive things I usually try and do but it’s NaNo and I am already behind.

I managed some words between lunch and when a plumber was supposed to visit to quote (they still aren’t here /sigh). Not par but better than zero. I don’t like the scene I just finished. I know why I wrote it (found family vibes) but it isn’t executed well. I think I maybe need to move it earlier or later so there’s some plot work going on too.

Anyway hopefully I will hit the halfway mark tomorrow.

Words today: 848
Current total: 22,959