People complaining about Seven sitting in the Captain’s chair. 🧐 Searching for logic. Can not find. Seven is a Ranger that’s like the definition of “looking out for the little guy” no? Does she have to do crime to do that? Sure, probably, but that’s the hero we need as the ‘establishment’ isn’t always right.

Captain Seven is the Captain we need IMO.

Plus! Plus! Importantly Seven is still Seven and why can’t people who are different see themselves in a hero? I’ll get super salty in a minute about autistic rep. Breathe self. Breathe.

They are talking about murder? Oh wait Bjayzl seriously, that’s the murder they are talking about? Yeeeeah I kinda don’t follow the fallacy ‘hero’ thinking of “killing is always wrong”. Bjayzl had hurt a lot of people and importantly as I remember it (haven’t seen season 1 since it aired admittedly) but they were still doing their Borg black market operation. Killing them would have harmed that. Not stopped it probably because bad guys are like hydra, take one down and two more take their place. It’s like whack-a-mole. But still I think it was justified.

Seven doesn’t kill people because she enjoys it, or for personal gain. What she did sure had high levels of revenge and was driven by pain. But there were benefits to a lot of people from it too. I’m talking about basically a world of espionage here – and a sci-fi world at that. Plus it’s fiction. Under those headings I support it.


But this is Star Trek they’re not assassins and they’re not supposed to be vengeful in their killing. It’s a “if it has to be done” Sevens story is more complex than the other Captains. But at the end of the day that’s what people are “upset” about but they’re also very limited in they’re thinking of black and white and what the media has provided previous for female archetypes.

She could have taken her in got info to shut it down but it wasn’t about that for Seven it never was and it was clear from the moment it started playing out that it was about Seven killing her.

Personally this is a Captain I want.

That’s actually a really good point and something I hadn’t properly considered – genre expectations.

I was looking at it through the lens of “does this story make sense? / can I believe in it?” As opposed to “does this fit the genre rules of Trek?”

I still 110% support Captain Seven. I think challenging archetypes is a good thing and if there’s a touch more nuance in there, that’s no bad thing. But yeah I take your point. It is well made.