Dammit. I was thinking of skipping the next Doctor Strange movie. First marvel movie I was intentionally going to skip.

1) it’s been billed as a horror movie and I’m the biggest wuss in the world

2) personally I just really don’t like Doctor Strange. I’m annoyed he’s in the Spiderman movie (which I haven’t seen, waiting for Disney+)

buuuuut if Patrick Stewart is in it, even for a cameo, and Professor X and the X-Men are going to be a thing… they can be on screen for 5 seconds and I’ll still sit through the whole damn movie.

Guess I kinda have to watch it now huh.

jackabelle73 said:  I saw the new Spider-Man movie last week, and enjoyed it more than I expected. Dr. Strange is definitely a part of the movie, but not its focus, FWIW.

galactic-pirates said:  @jackabelle73 oh good to know thanks! 🙂