Wow ok so the Eternals wasn’t at all what I expected. Those trailers can super lie huh?

I can kinda see why I have heard it got bad reviews. It was a bit all over the place. It did get a bit confusing. 10 main characters getting their origin story all at once was a bit much. I mean the Avengers movies had a ton of characters but they were mostly introduced first in other movies. This was just throw a lot of new stuff all at once. I don’t think anyone got the development they really deserved.

That explains why there was character death – got to get those numbers down! But man I hate that. You get attached, start to like the character and boom gone forever.

And I think I’ve managed to keep this spoiler free. Not that probably matters anymore. I have totally lost track. Did this ever come out at the cinema? I just watched it on Disney+ and I know it has been up a week or two (I think, what is time?).

Anyway yeah. Big meh. Phastos and Gilgamesh were definitely the best part, followed by the speedster (I’m not sure I ever got her name?) and then after that Druig. Apart from them it was pretty forgettable.