I spent a good chunk of the Black Widow movie going “ooooh ouch that looked like it hurt” because ouch. How did they walk away from that? Wowzer.

I’m sure somebody has already done it but unless I see it I may make a gifset tomorrow about Natasha and stealing cars because I laughed at that callback. Maybe also one with the “thank you for your cooperation” interrogation style. Totally badass.

I wasn’t expecting that twist on Taskmaster. That’s not the story I am familiar with. I remembered the line from Loki in the first Avengers movie about Dreykov’s daughter so that was another good callback. Also finally we now know about Budapest!

It was a good movie. Typical high octane action. Some real moments of feeling. I loved how Natasha downloaded all the data, I got vibes from when she did that on the ship in Winter Soldier. The action was a bit unbelievable. I swear that is getting worse in these movies. Like Natasha is awesome but she has no special powers apart from being awesome and the close calls and all that midair fighting and stuff was a bit much. Lot of flash, some substance.

I am still very bitter they killed Natasha off. I like that she made peace with her sister first and that Yelena had a grave for her. That makes me feel slightly better about how there was no send-off in Endgame for her.

Anyway typical marvel movie. I liked it. I think it suffered a bit from the hype of over a year of waiting which is unfortunate. I’m glad I finally got to see it though. Shame that they aren’t releasing any other marvel movies concurrently at home :/