Me – eventually cut down the number of ‘favourite episode’ gifsets to three.

(somehow none of the three is Revelations which is probably my actual favourite episode ???)

Me – takes hours to do just one

Me – is three actually sensible? or should I just go with this one?

Me – but, but, but, but, what about the others? I like too many episodes :/


At least I have already realised that doing the 8 I had initially decided on was totally a no go.

I’m somewhat confused as to why I didn’t go with Revelations. I think I couldn’t decide how to handle it (as it’s a 2 parter) and I sort of covered some of it in my ‘favourite story arc’ set. I really don’t recall. Clearly I had a reason at the time, right?

I think what I’ll do is I’ll finish this episode set. Then I still have the location, quote and free choice sets to do to round out the week. After I have done those if I still have time I’ll circle back and do more episode sets.

When I cut down the number I already decided that I should do a “personal top 10″ in the future. There’s only one slight problem with that – I already have 11 on my ‘cut down’ list. Maybe I’ll have to do top 15 instead, might just be able to keep it to that, possibly.

This show man haha.