OMG OMG OMG you guys.

I finished Fall of Camelot!!!


(you know you’ve been on tumblr too long when success looks like this gif ^^)

Seriously when I decided I would try and finish it so I could start something new for Camp that was back on *checks* the 8th of this month. I had the first scene and a bit already written. I was a little bit dubious but I’d estimated it would be about 20k when it was done so I figured it was doable.

It clocked in at 53k pretty much. More than 30k longer than I’d thought and I still managed to write The End. Now I almost wrote this much in a month last November with Our Darkest Hour but otherwise it’s probably been 5 years, and it definitely has been five years since I last finished an original story.

Now it sucks. I mean it’s the most awful first draft to ever be drafted. I should really burn it in fire but it’s a start. Later this year I can tear it to pieces in revision. It’s a step along the road – I finally made the first step (again). You know I never thought I would. It had been so long and I’d barely written for years. I thought I was done, that I’d never get back to here.

The last time I was writing a lot (original and fanfic) was when I was in my heady obsession days of rumbelle. At the moment I’m thoroughly entranced with Sanctuary (and OT3: Haunted). Apparently I require an obsession for my writing muscles to start to flex, even for completely unrelated work.

Anyway I get one day to go over my planning documents and then Thursday (the 1st) is the start of Camp NaNo and the beginnings of a brand new novel. Let’s see how much I can do next month 🙂