They made me like fake Captain America how dare!

Seriously he looked so smarmy at his introduction last week and I was all set to hate him. Then his wife/girlfriend came into the locker and he had humility, he wants to do the best he can, he has a long history of service etc.

Sam is still my Captain America but that John Walker guy doesn’t seem all that bad which sucks a little bit as I did really want to hate him. I think Steve might have liked him too. I mean they were deliberately drawing parallels with the “you can’t punch your way out of this one” and how he threw the shield to protect his friend when he fell off the lorry.

He got a bit heavy handed with getting Bucky out of jail and saying that “they’d be working together” when Bucky had already said no. Then there was the warning to “stay out of my way” which wasn’t very friendly. On the other hand with the repeated refusals what else could he say? Would Steve “I’m not asking permission” have been any different?

I’m trying to be fair to Walker I guess. I 110% side with Sam and Bucky but I’m trying to see both sides. Even the bad guys came off a bit sympathetic in this episode. It was quite well done.