I haven’t rambled about writing since mid-December apparently.

You know how I did a NaNo report every day in November? Well I’m thinking of making that an every day/all year thing. NaNo was so good for me this year I want to try and continue whatever magic that had. Don’t worry, I’ll probably post it on my private writing sideblog instead of spamming here. Depends on what I’m writing maybe, I can’t decide.

Anyway, it might be 2021 now but fanfic is still happening – for Sanctuary that is. I honestly can’t remember if I have said the current status of things or not so in summary:
– Our Darkest Hour is being posted every Tuesday and Friday at the moment.
– I posted the ridiculously fluffy oneshot Happy Ending
– I have written but not yet posted the oneshot James Watson and the Curious Case of the Jarnul. I want to do an illustration (that will be my January drawing) so it’ll be later this month.
– I am currently writing another long multi-chapter fic Choosing Fate where basically I play with the arranged marriage trope.

I’m aiming to finish writing Choosing Fate by the end of the month (it’s on my writing goals list) but I’m also writing an original novella this month so it’ll depend on how words go. Currently today = not well. Focus = non-existent, which is probably why I’m rambling.

Anyway, that’s where things stand.