OMG Agents of Shield season 7 is an absolute delight.

They did almost an entire episode in black and white. Complete with voiceover narration. Very film noir.

Now they just did an old school credits sequence and it’s so 70’s.

I love Sousa so much. I mean I always did in Agent Carter but his reaction to the clothes was priceless #SoRelatable. He’s having trouble adjusting, wavering between committing to this time thing and wishing he was back in his time. A little bitter that he couldn’t stop Hydra but then aren’t they all. It must burn to have to let it happen.

I am so sad for poor Enoch though that they left him behind AGAIN. Like they really should have picked him up in 55 I’m just saying. If he’s seriously pissed then I will totally understand. All he did though was mention that it had been forty years twice. I know he’s an immortal robot and had the time to spare but still poor guy.

Oh my god Project Insight I did not see that one coming! Though with the chronicom staying behind that makes sense. They would be able to leap the technology forward. All these changes in the timeline is worrying though because what kind of future will they be returning to?

I can’t believe Mack “king of robot movies” as prophecy had to have Elena tell him about James Bond as a warning sign. Poor Mack. Having to make a split second decision about the lives of his parents I can’t blame him for trying to do both – destroy insight and save them.

Not being able to control their time jumps is a serious liability! Sousa asking the real questions here. I love how he is so willing to always do the right thing. He’s reeling, he’s confused but he is still throwing himself into the fight. It’s hitting him every now and then all he’s lost, and how he’s a stranger in this new world, and he wants to get off this ride. Really so relatable.