Watched Star Trek: Insurrection and I really do wonder why some people are surprised that the Federation is where it’s at in Picard. Really the Federation has no trouble deciding who is more important. I was sympathetic to the Klingon position (but obviously not their aggression) on Discovery because the Federation is expansionist and does protect its territory. This “move just a few people and steal their stuff” is part of a larger pattern.

I find it fascinating. The Federation as an ideal is amazing but there are issues and I do love that the verse doesn’t shy away from that. I especially like on Picard they are showing flaws in Picard. Often the Captain is the foil that stands up and is the good guy in comparison. That is still true but I do love it when it is nuanced.

I finished season 1 of Voyager. I looked up and Seven of Nine doesn’t come into it until season 4 apparently so a way to go.

I started DS9 (if I haven’t said that before). I was finding it a bit rocky but then Dax caught my attention as well as a spark of something with Sisko. Still early days. I’m finding Dr Bashir hard to take. Is he always such a creep?

Anyway I have now seen all the Star Trek movies. It’s a bit unfortunate that I couldn’t wait and watch them in the correct order along with the shows but I only had access to them this month, so it was watch or not see. Hopefully I can mentally place them later.