Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

I can totally see why it is considered the best Star Trek movie.

The plot was tight and continuous. There was some good banter and some great character moments. Bones was my favourite again (clearly I’m destined to like every incarnation of Bones). Kirk was a lot more likeable in this than the first movie. I was suspicious from the very first time David Marcus brought up Kirk that maybe Kirk was the father but I wasn’t expecting it to be true! That took me by surprise, I hadn’t heard about that.

And then there was Spock. Oh dear Spock. On the Kobayashi Maru test at the beginning I thought “dramatic isn’t he?” when Spock play-acted getting hit and falling down. But of course there was the iconic ending scene. Kirk’s look of desolation and the sprinting down the corridors and then the fateful line “I am and always shall be your friend.”

I think iconic kinda sums it up.

Khan was insane. I suppose revenge kinda is insane. I haven’t seen him in the TOS and I really should because I thought he was a clever calculating adversary. The superior intellect wasn’t really on display here. However, please don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. Like I said the plot was tight and made sense. I mean after losing loved ones and being marooned for 15 years in hell I’d definitely be insane too!

The uniforms were still a bit weird. The engineers were clearly spacesuit inspired but the bridge crew? What was that weird white flap? Still a million times better than the pyjamas of the last movie. My big question though is WHY didn’t they just stick with the original uniforms of the TV show? Trying to be different for a movie I guess but still don’t fix what isn’t broken.

If I’m honest it’s not my favourite Trek movie *ducks rotten tomatoes*. Also I’ve seen Into Darkness a few times and Kirk’s realigning the warp core sequence was a lot more dramatic than Spock’s steaming cooking pot but I think that’s a product of the times.

Would definitely recommend this one. Solid movie. Great soundtrack. I cheered when it started up because iconic Trek tune. I now definitely want to see the next one because it left a positive feeling – thumbs up!