It’s past time for my annual moan so excuse me.

My uni semester starts on Monday. I happen to not have classes until Tuesday but either way it is Friday today – Friday of the week before.

The system is 3 classes per semester (it’s very tightly controlled). This time one of those classes is obviously led by an efficient tutor. Well over a month ago through the uni’s online portal access was granted to that class. There was prep work for the holidays. Since then he has put up a clear guide to how the class was going to run AND the material needed to be studied in advance for week one.

This only highlights how bloody awful it is that ON THE FRIDAY BEFORE I still have no access to my other two classes. One of those has put up a reading list through the library system so I self-assigned myself some prep work. For the other class? That happens to be my very first class of the semester – Absolutely nothing.

It is the Friday before. I know I’m repeating myself but it is literally just one working day – today! – from classes starting.

Do they not want us to prepare in advance for class? As it stands at 11am on Tuesday I will be going in completely blind.

Of course from previous years I know full well that even if admin do flip the switch so that the classes show on my profile, there is no guarantee there will be any information there as it’s up to the tutors to be organised enough to put it up.

I’m not a very good student (though I’d like to be) I’m just scared of failing (this year the marks start to count) and information is a good weapon to fight that terror.

And it is the Friday before. Not totally unreasonable right?