So I watched the last two episodes of Agents of Shield season 6 last night and whoah really haha.

I didn’t go looking for spoilers but I didn’t unfollow half my dash to try and avoid them either so I had seen some things and I thought that there was going to be a character death. I vague posted (so as not to spoil anyone else) about it at the time because it made me sad. I knew there was going to be a season 7 and I was trying to picture a season 7 without two of the major characters that had been there from the beginning.

However that character did not die – I would have cheered out loud if I’d been home alone so I settled for a fist pump instead – and they found another way to bring back the second guy. I should have figured they would have given that this is Agents of Shield and #nobodyisevery100%gone I mean even Trip got a new life in the framework for a bit (I still miss him).

I am quite confused about the #spoilers leading into season 7 because given the tech the team has (which took them to where they are) I don’t understand why the chronicoms are invading. They had to get the tech from Enoch (how did he have it?) and if he did have it why not use it to save his home planet like that female chronicom had planned? Also what is Fitz doing and why can’t Jemma know about it?

Still with the tech in play the possibilities are endless for really cool cameos. Just like I said, nobody is ever truly gone…