Damn it! The latest Killjoys with all the Kendry mom stuff “ahhhhhh!”

I wanted to hate her forever for killing Pawter.

But now I can’t, although truthfully I haven’t been able to for sometime. I mean she’s still a cold, cruel, evil lady but there’s more to her than that and depth and layers always appeals to me in characters.

Why does this show have to be so good? So three-dimensional? Oh wait…

/facepalm that’s hardly a bad thing is it? :p

5 episodes left 🙁 I’m going to miss this show so much.

I know I can rewatch but 50 episodes isn’t that many, it’s going to wind up like Leverage and The Librarians I know it is, I’ll know each episode inside out and watch it anyway because the familiarity is comforting rather than boring. I’ll still yearn for more content though because when something is that good, it’s very hard to say when is enough.